Saturday, December 8, 2012

Phanton Cart Story (& Gradient Nails)

Hey everyone! Here are another pair of nails that I created a couple weeks ago that I'd love to share with you! I take so many photos so it's nice to be able to share them on my blog and not just on Instagram hehe. I have for you today some awesome gradient nails! If you want to learn how to do them yourself, I'd recommend check out Simple Nail Art Designs on YouTube! She's VERY sweet and helpful! I love her videos and she ALWAYS is willing to help you is you have more issues. :)
When I first tried out gradient nails last year, I only used nail polish. But Simple Nail Art Designs' video taught me how to do it with acrylic paint and made it so much easier! So please check out her gradient nail tutorial HERE. You won't regret it! Look how cute mine turned out ;) And only continue reading if you enjoy spam of awesome nails and a short story on how I saved my car AND another from being destroyed by a shopping cart. xD

I am so deceiving.. I'm sorry guys, I'm holding Blue Ming by Color Club but like I said, I used acrylic paints. They're just .59 cents at Walmart! I used a dark purple, teal, and a green. Then I topped it with Make a Spectacle by China Glaze. :)

I am so sad that my nails chipped... When they break, I try to file them all down to the same length so I apologize for how short they are now. They'll be back to "normal" in 2 weeks though. xD

And here is Make a Spectacle bottle hehe. It's really pretty round glitter with finer white glitter but don't be folled by the white glitter! It makes a green/gold hue on dark colors. That's why I love this glitter on light polishes. :)
Okay, funny story time: It was a cold, dark rainy afternoon... (No joke, but let's just to the good stuff haha). I was walking back to my car after a fantabulous time shopping at Walmart (I did not get any nail polish sadly. :( I had to buy food). The wind was very strong and rain slapped at me while I was trying to put the groceries away. As I got into my little white car, a shopping cart was thundering toward us at intense speeds. ("Us" means my car, Philip and I) So, at an inhuman speed I started Philip and back him up so avoid a head on collision with a abandoned shopping cart. I was out of the woods! Hurray! But NO. Wait! The cart still did not have his revenge for being forgotten by it's user and continued to charge at another poor car. So I jumped out of Philip and ran (in my adorable black wedges, which probably wasn't the best shoe type to wear on such a wet day) around Philip to save the blue Honda from being rammed. It was epic. It was literally 4 feet away from having a huge dent in the side of it's door because this cart was going supa fast! I was such a hero. There was no cheering though.. No applause or congratulations for saving someone a couple hundred bucks. All I got was stares from passer-byers. They probably thought it was my cart... No, it was a ghost cart that came back for revenge to find it's user! I didn't leave it out. Meh. I'm just glad that I saved Philip; Imagine what would have happened if I checked out 2 minutes later. I would have been very, very upset if Philip was hurt (considering he's a very young baby.. :( Poor little guy, only 1 years old). Moral of story? 1. I am awesome for running in wedges and getting wet to save a car. And 2. Don't leave your carts unattended in a parking lot -- VERY dangerous people!
Haha and if you've seen my blog before, I hope you noticed that I changed it up a lot! I hope you like it! Let me know if there is anything else I should add or change. :) Until next time, Your Polish Pal, Jenna :)


  1. LOL awesome story

  2. haha great story Jenna :) beautiful manicure, i love gradients. ^.^