Thursday, December 13, 2012

Gimme Your Stripes

One more post of "old" nails -- I swear! I just thought these were TOO cute to pass up! I have never been able to make zebra print nails until a couple weeks ago! I am super proud of this zebra nails! I decided to just try the classical black and white zebra now and look how adorable they turned out!


I feel bad posting these on Instagram! Everyone was like "You're going to have a tutorial, right?" And I was just like... Umm, I just figured out how to do it myself now! The base is Snow Me White by Sinful Colors and the black is acrylic paint. AAAAND I LOVE THIS GLITTER! It's Santa Magic by Finger Paints! Gorgeous holographic glitter! What more is there to love?

Aren't these just classic? I admit I ADORE classic animal print nails. ;) 

Ahahahaha,, and this was my before and after! I really have improved huh? Look at what I can do in 4 months. ;) I hope to get even better of course too! I decided that I don't really like super long nails on myself either... They break too easy. So, I'm hoping to grow out my nails a little bit longer and make them square because short nails like mine can be really cute! :)
Thanks for checking out my zebra nails and I hope to create a tutorial for these soon! Maybe that YouTube world is calling my name to create video tutorials? Eh, check in again in like 2 years when I'm out of school. ;) Oh hey! Winter quarter is finally DONE. YIPEEEEEE! Turned in my final English Portfolio (haha 19 intense pages) that I am so proud of! Well, I think I'll finally post another holiday nail art tutorial tomorrow. ;) So until next time, Your Polish Pal, Jenna <3

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