Wednesday, December 19, 2012

And maybe just a bit more magic?

Hehe hey guys! After Amanda from Fashion Footing guest posted for me with a swatch of Santa's Magic by Finger Paints, I needed to use mine again! I am obsessed with this glitter... It's so sad. So go ahead and take look at the few bottle shots and nail shots of this legit glitter nail polish!
So here I have 3 coats of Santa's Magic by Finger Paints on! There aren't any "undies" (nail polish color underneath ;)), this is just straight 3 coats of glitter. Haha, the first thought is probably "OMG HOW ARE YOU GOING TO GET THE GLITTER OFF?!?!?!" Easy. Peel it off. Check out the EASIEST way to remove glitter polish HERE. It takes some practice to do the "glue method" right, but it's totally worth it NOT wasting a ton of acetone and cotton balls. ;) I'd recommend practicing with just one nail first. (So do the glue, wait for it to dry, paint, then wait a while, and remove). Once again, check out the Glue Base Method Tutorial for more details. If you still have questions, let me know in the details or in an email to!
Love this holographic chunky glitter!
Honestly, pictures do NO justice for this glitter but I'm going to try with bottle shots!
Front bottle shot of Santa's Magic! DO YOU SEE THE RAINBOW?!!
Back bottle shot of Santa's Magic!
This is honestly my favorite glitter nail polish right now and I think I should add it to EVERY mani. ;) Just kidding! But you NEED to buy this glitter if you are obsessed with silver AND holographic stuff! I bought mine for $4.50 at my local Sally's Beauty Supply store! Totally worth it too. :) I'll be using this throughout the year for sure! Thanks for joining me today, and until next time, Your Polish Pal, Jenna :)

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