Thursday, September 6, 2012

How To Take Glitter Nail Polish Off With Ease (Tutorial)

And here is my promised tutorial on how to take glitter off with ease! No more worries about using the tin foil method or wasting A LOT of time to scrub your manicure off with a cotton ball and acetone. All you need is a little white glue. ;) Sounds weird huh? But it totally makes sense! Think about the times in kindergarten when you made a mess with all that white glue just because you didn’t have a glue stick. And then you just rubbed your hands together to peel off that glue! Well, it’s essentially the same with your nails ;) So just trust me on this and try it yourself! Let's get started! I can't really explain much else. xD

1. Start with your naked nail. ;) Don't have anything on it!
2. Add a drop of glue. Just enough to cover your nail.
3. I just used my other finger to help spread the glue across my entire nail - cover everywhere. :)
4. Wait until the glue dries completely! It'll turn clear and no longer sticky.
5. Paint your design. I just have some chunky glitter that without this method, would take FOREVER to take off. ;) So I dare you, get your hardest glitter nail polish and wear it for once without worrying about the clean up! :D
6. When you are done with your design and want to finally take it off, just scrape off your nail polish. It works. ;) I just used my thumb on my other hand and it came off.
7. Continue to scrap it all off.
9. Here is the excess nail polish off of my thumb! :D

Here is the glue that I used. :) Just plain old Elmer's glue :)
Before ;) 
After! :D Okay, as you can see, this method doesn't take off EVERYTHING, but it takes off most of the nail polish as you can see. ;) Just use a cotton ball with nail polish remover (acetone) or a q-tip to get rid of everything. ;)
I hope that you try this method ASAP because it makes life so much easier! :) Let me know if it works for you! I wouldn't suggest doing a lot of washing or using water with this underneath your nails because the the design may get washed off. :) (NOTE: This problem did NOT happen to me! I had my loose glitter nails on for FOUR days and I used this glue base method and obviously I had to shower, wash dishes, etc. Basically, my hands went through a lot. AND THE LOOSE GLITTER STILL STAYED ON. The tutorial is a different story.. but yes, loose GLITTER stayed on my nails for FOUR days until I decided to take them off. It may have been because I added a topcoat to the glue and THEN did my design or just painted my nails, but for me, even when I get my nails wet or go through wear and tear, my nail polish stayed on perfectly. I've just heard this problem with others but wanted to let you guys know that FOR ME, this glue base stays on until I decided to peel it off. And also, I learned that you have to apply a generous amount of glue, but not TOO much in order to have the entire nail polish come off in one peel! It's pretty awesome! It just takes a lot of practice, so that's why I'd suggest just doing ONE nail first to practice! I should probably create a YouTube tutorial on this.. What do you think? And P.S. My nails look A LOT cleaner than that now.. that was in the beginning when I didn't know a lot about how to take care of my nails. I'll show you all my "care" tips soon! But anyway, do try this method in order to take of that pesky glitter nail polish super fast and easy! Note added: 12/19/2012).
Well, this is the best way to remove glitter nail polish for me and this is defiantly what I'll be using from now on. So until next time, Your Polish Pal, Jenna :)

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