Saturday, September 8, 2012

Day 8 - Metallic Nails & Spectraflair Review

Today is day 8 of our 31 day nail challenge and today I have for you a lovely dark copper color by China Glaze called Harvest Moon from the Hunger Games Collection. Below I have swatched for you some that Harvest Moon shade. It reminds me of a copper penny and this is a perfect shade for fall! I love it a lot and it's very gorgeous.
But the beauty doesn't end there. Have you guys heard of holographic nail polish? If not, you need to google it! Or well... just continue reading. ;) Many brands have holographic glitters or chunks, but not many have actual holographic nail polish. Basically, it's having a rainbow on your nails in the sunlight. If you like shiny or sparkly glitter, I'm sure you'd like the holographic effect. But beauty does pay a price -- I've been researching holographic nail polish for a year now, and the prices range from $7-$50+! And that is just for ONE bottle of holographic nail polish! Well, I've figured out a little secret; there is this little ingredient that gives polishes that holographic effect and it's called "spectraflair" and I was over joyed when I figured out people made this stuff into a top coat polish! And, the best part about it all is that since this is a topcoat, you can put just a couple coats onto ANY nail polish you want and it will turn make it holographic! Okay, enough talk. Look below. It's gorgeous.

Here is what the bottle looks like in the dark. Nothing special -- Just a milky grey polish. I'll explain where I got this later. ;)
In the sun, you can see the rainbow awesome-ness! Trust me when I say it's nearly impossible to capture the true radiance of any holographic item. 
And here you have 2 coats of this topcoat over Harvest Moon.
Just lovely <3
And a closeup on my thumb!
And where did I get this jewel and did it really cost me $50? Umm.. No way! I do admit though, this is the most I've ever spent on nail polish but it's totally worth it! (I get my "high quality" nail polishes on sale a lot of the time such as China Glaze, OPI, etc.) No longer do you have to pay $7 for only 1 color of holographic nail polish, just pay $12.50 + shipping & handling for this baby! (This is a full size 15ml bottle of nail polish by the way, it's the same size as most standard bottles).  And thanks to her Labor Day sale, shipping was free, so maybe wait until another sale, but it's worth it either way ;) No more secrets, I swear. ;) I'll let them all out now. There are a lot of amazing indie nail polish makers out there (people who make their own nail polishes, don't ask me how, I don't have the tools) but this is the first one I've bought from. Her nail polish is called Polished by KPT and if you're interested in looking at her gorgeous products, go ahead and click HERE! She currently is on vacation though until September 23rd, 2012. I have spectraflair 35 topcoat and I want her new polish called Shattered Glass that is coming out soon! (I will have to wait until I have more money though, hehe). So if you are interested in this spectraflair topcoat that makes any polish holographic, check out her website or follow her on Instragram. Her account is called @kptran where you can also see her own swatches before they are released in her online store. :) I hope that I haven't bored the death out of you, but I am just so excited about this top coat! I'm done now, so until tomorrow, Your Polish Pal, Jenna :)

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