Monday, September 24, 2012

Valentine's Day Nails & Heart Tutorial

I know, I know... What the heck? Valentine's day in September? Well... You all know I just recently bought white polish (FINALLY, honestly! White, black, and the basic ROYGBIV rainbow colors are essential to nail art!), so I decided to get a little cutesy. :) I don't have a full tutorial on all my nails, but they're pretty basic and I'll try to explain them once you see some adorable pictures! Look below!
Valentines Day Nails
Here I have a tic-tac-toe with hearts (my favorite nails), "I <3 U", many hearts and some polka dots, "LOVE" (I originally had a heart as the "O" but then switched later... What ever you prefer though works!) and a large pink heart that I outlined in black! So for the base color, I used Hard to Get by Sally Hansen and then the black, red, and light pink are just acrylic paints. I'm still playing around with them, but they are a lot easier to work with and create some neat designs!  
Heart Nail Art Tutorial
Here is the easiest way though to create a heart on your nails! VERY, VERY easy and cute nail art for anyone! All you need is a pencil and some paint. (You heard me, I just used a pencil to make these. No special tools).

1. Start with a dot. If you want a big heart, make a big dot, and if you want a small heart, make a small dot.
2. Add the same size dot right next to the original.
3. Now with your pencil (dotting tool, acrylic brush, etc.), draw a downwards line. (Look at box 3, see how I did that?) It doesn't matter which dot you draw the line from because you'll repeat the same process.
4. Woah! Repeat step 3 but in the opposite direction.

Creating perfect and beautiful hearts are just THAT easy. ;) This was my middle finger (hehe...) and I added several more hearts and then polka dots! I'm really sorry about the unseasonal nails, but I just thought these were just too cute and I had to share them! 
Valentines Day Nails
Just another look! 
Valentines Day Nails
And a close up on my thumb. And Mr. Green Bunny's ear. ;) I felt like it added some character to this photo so I didn't want to use another one. xD

I hope that you've enjoyed today's super simple and short tutorial and I hope I helped with some possible Valentine's Day nails. ;) So until next time, Your Polish Pal, Jenna :)

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  1. Awesome tutorial!Many thanks. Super easy! :)