Sunday, September 23, 2012

Best Way to Clean Up Your Cuticles

Hey everyone! I do not have a nail art tutorial for you today, but instead I have written how I personally clean up my cuticles each time I paint my nails (without that special cuticle remover because not many of us have it). Hehe, I make mistakes too and especially if you're first learning how to paint your nails, learning how to remove the excess polish is important too. ;) So let's get started!
So let's first paint our nails! Okay, when I do paint my nails, they usually don't turn out like this... (or at least anymore ;)) They probably did look like this when I first started painting my nails, but the best tip on avoiding this is to obviously paint slowly and take your time. But don't worry, I still mess up a LOT.
To clean up, you will need some nail polish remover (acetone) and an acrylic brush or a q-tip. I actually prefer the q-tip!
Now poor some acetone into the cap. It just makes it easier to dip your tool into.
Go ahead and dip your brush or q-tip into the acetone and let it soak some up. Then go ahead and just scrub off the nail polish! Don't be gentle -- Scrub away!
And now I'm just showing it with a q-tip. I do prefer the q-tip because it's easier to control and can be obtained easier than a brush.. You know?
And ta daaaah! Scrub around all your nails and now they are clean! I do think that having pretty nails is nice, but making sure that they are clean are really important too!
Here is a before and after photo. ;)
I hope that you found this tutorial helpful! So until next time, Your Polish Pal, Jenna :)

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