Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Day 4 - Green Nails & Gradient Dot Tutorial

Hey girls! I was able to create for you another one of those adorable "dotticure" tutorials today! This time I made a gradient dot nails with different colors. Just in case you look at the photos and are like "Woah there Jenna, what are you talking about?!?! This ain't no gradient dot nail," you're probably right. ;) There are many versions of gradient dots, but the one I'm trying to showcase today has many polka dots of different sizes and colors. So go ahead and look below at our finished look. :) I used all green shades in honor of our challenge. ;) So let's get started!

You will need:
  • At least 2 different colors
  • Dotting tools of various sizes; small, medium, and large (click HERE to see what you can use if you don't have dotting tools - This is my other dotticure tutorial).
These are the colors I used are Gaga Green and Agro by China Glaze. a lime green glow in the dark nail polish by Love & Beauty (from Forever 21, name unknown), SaGreen the Teenage Witch by Wet n' Wild, and MY FAVORITE, Mint Sorbet by Sally Hansen.
And before we even get started, I LOOOOOOOVE this mint (sea foam if you must) green! I've seen this polish on so many other people, and I finally decided to buy it. One of my favorite colors. :) It's a little bit more green in real life too. ;)
Let's get started!
1. Paint your base coat.
2. Start with your largest dotting tool, and make a couple large dots at the tip of your nail.
3. With your medium dotting tool and make a few more dots but don't start at the tip. Look below and see how I started them around the area that my big dots ended.
4. Continue this process essentially with as many colors or as few as you want. You can make them busy like mine or quite subtle.
Okay, I know you guys are thinking "Those were terrible instructions!" And they were, for a reason. ;) I do believe that you can't make tutorials for dotticures. I mean honestly, dot manis are totally all your work. So just see what looks best and I'm here just to give you some ideas and pictures on how I did mine. But YOU and YOUR nails are a whole other story. ;) Let's see how I did mine. xD 

My gorgeous base color <3
Starting out with a few chunkers ;)
Adding medium sized dots
Added that neon glow-in-the-dark nail polish.
And my friend didn't really like the last metallic green dots... He said they looked funny haha! Well too bad. ;)  
Green grass and green nails ;)
As you can see, my gradient dot (dot gradient..? Hmm...) mani has multiple colors. I've seen other that use the same technique of changing the dot sizes but only using 1 color for the dots the entire time. That's why I say you only need 2 colors. ;) Oh, and yes, the glow in the dark nail polish really does work. xD I got it for $2.80 from Forever 21 (a clothes department store) and it's glows really well if it's been in the light. (Just stick it on top of a light bulb or lamp that's on hehe). The formula is sort of gross though - too gunky and peels off really easily... I just wanted glowing nails polish though haha! This concludes our 4th day of our 31 Day Nail Challenge. Hope to catch ya tomorrow! Until then, Your Polish Pal, Jenna :]
Before I go, say hello to Mr. Green Bunny. Yes, that's his name. ;) I've had him since I was born hehe and he's a pretty cute fellow! Do you have a toy that you've had for just about... forever? ;) Just wanted to conclude with him, so I hope you all have a nice day! 

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