Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Earthquake Nail Tutorial

Hey there ladies! I just realized today how it's basically fall... Yeah, sad. The leaves are starting to turn those beautiful shades and it's getting chilly out there! The main reminder that it ain't summer anymore was the lack of sun. So I have a few announcements in this post. Nothing too big of course, just random tidbits. So let's be on our way! Yes, today we are learning how to make earthquake nails! Ha, look below for an example. I don't know who named them, but they do look like those crazy lines that seismographs make, so the name makes some sense. I just think that this design is wonderful if you have 2 favorite colors that you don't know how to use at the same time or want just a little more accent on your nails. Let us get started though!

You will need:
  • 2 nail polishes (any colors)
  • A striper brush (or acrylic paint and a paint brush)
I used Flirt Alert by Pure Ice and Prince Street by NYC. Also, I have realized that I've fallen in love with acrylic paints instead of those silly striper nail art brushes. I will try to explain in another post at another time why my love has changed. So I used just a paint brush and black paint. :p (Yes, it's safe on nails as long as you apply it to a nail polish base. Plus it just comes off with acetone (nail polish remover). :)
Let's begin!
1. Start with a base color. You don't have to paint the entire nail if you don't want to because we will be just cutting it in half later but I like to have my all my nails painted before going on. ;)
2. With your second color, paint the other half of you nail. Let me just say something, I am very OCD about some things, but as you can tell, this is totally just free drawing it. This DOES NOT HAVE TO BE PERFECT. Need me to stress that point again? The line can be crooked! It'll be covered up with paint later anyway don't worry! But if it REALLY bothers you, go ahead and just use scotch tape (cover up half of your nail, paint, and remove tape) for a PERFECTLY straight line. ;)
3. With your striper (or paint brush with paint), start to add lines down where your 2 colors meet. Make them wacky of course! It's a seismograph for Pete's sake! :D I just drew them with a space in between to make it easier for when I go back and add more.
4. Oh woah, add more! Fill those puppies in! And see? They shouldn't be totally even! EARTHQUAKE!! And I give you, the earthquake nails. :)
Let's see how my nails turned out!
Actually first, here is a shot of Flirt Alert by Pure Ice. It's totally my favorite pink nail polish. It's a very bright, not quite neon hot pink and it's only $2 at Walmart. ;) Oh! Announcement 1! I may start swatching colors.. (showing them off to you). Not just nail tutorials anymore, but hopefully you'll notice I did add some menu tabs above ^^ so it'll hopefully make things easier to find. :) I am so happy my nails are finally growing out!
Now back to the tutorial. My pretty base color. :)
Half purple -- Yup, my lines aren't perfect at all. Who cares?
Starting the lines
Bam! And I am so done. ;) I have noticed with acrylic paints, they aren't shiny like polish (in fact, they're like matte) so you will have to add a clear top coat for sure! It'll make them stay shiny, trust me. ;)
And finally, another shot of these earthquake nails.
I probably should not have used these colors to show the tutorial on because you can't really see the lines that well on the purple, but oh well. Go ahead and try this great technique out though and let me know if you've tried them! It's fun and very simple. :) OHHHH! ANNOUNCEMENT #2! If you've noticed a little change in the lighting of the tutorial, then good job! Because there has been a sliiiiiight change. I'm starting to use artificial lighting to take pictures. (No light box for me, try a tall green lamp leaning on it's side over a desk... Thanks to one of my girls on Instagram, I've named that desk and work place my "Polish Palace". And I also hope to explain more about this Palace of mine and who helped me named it soon. ;))  I hope you don't mind the light! Let me know what you think though and if it's bad or not. But until next time, Your Polish Pal, Jenna :) 

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