Thursday, September 6, 2012

Day 6 - Violet Nails

Yipee yi ya kiyay! :D Howdy partners, I got you some blingy violet nails today. Oh, and a dandy tutorial that will make the difference of life or death. Can ya all give me a whoop? *WHOOP!!!* Thank ya all kindly. ;) Okay, hope you were reading this in a nice “Western” accent because I’m done. xD So I give you my violet nails for the 31 Day Nail Challenge! My base color is Prince Street by NYC and the top coat is that gorgeous sparkle called Sugar Plum Fairies Gone Wild by Sephora. Okay, I am going to keep this super short and sweet because I’ll be creating my tutorial in another post. Oh yeah, it’s on how to get glitter nail polish off in 5 minutes or less. ;) It’s a life saver! So in about 30 minutes… check in then!Your Polish Pal Jenna signing out! ;) 

Love this glitter polish!

Pretty purple combo ;)

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