Friday, September 7, 2012

Day 7 - Black & Nails

 Goodness me! Today has been a super busy day! Just to list off a few things that happened are I got a new phone (Pantech Pursuit II - cute little guy, basic, no data plan needed thank goodness!), bought some acrylic brushes and black and white paint, and started my tennis lessons again. Oh, just a fact, I LOVE TENNIS. ;) Back to the nails, I did create you a panda bear nail tutorial but I'll only upload the main picture tutorial for now. Don't really have enough time and I'm super tired. xD So I'll make this brief.
I used a gorgeous light pink is called Hard-Core Party by Sally Hansen. I used to have a pink almost identical to this called Otherwise Engaged by OPI (one of my favorite colors) but it unfortunately spilled everywhere when I left it slightly open. So warning! ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS close your nail polish bottles. :( And the black is Black Heart by Sally Hansen and white is Super Star! by Pure Ice. :)
So here is the basics for making your own panda bear nails. Pretty easy and the results are cute! Just some dots and some lines. The best tip for making the white part is just to use your nail polish brush and make a partial oval like in the Penguin Nail Tutorial. :)
And here is just a picture of one of the first time I did panda nails. I made the background gold and just did dots for the nose and eyes instead of trying the more "Panda-like" features. ;)
I'm sorry for the lame black and white nails, but I kinda think they're nice. xD Until tomorrow, Your Polish Pal, Jenna :)

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