Thursday, September 13, 2012

Sports Themed Nails & Tutorial

Hey you all! I am so sorry for not posting in a week! I have decided that I will not continue the 31 Day Nail Challenge (as many of you have already guessed). I don’t want to say that I am giving up because it’s not that I can’t do the challenge, I just choose not to. My reasoning was “What’s the point?” Like honestly, it was not making me happy and wasn’t as fun as I thought it’d be. Especially when it makes me create messy nails because I need something quick. And I honestly created this blog to share awesome and easy nail tutorials that ANY of you can create too! So, in conclusion, the new nails every day was boring and not very fun. So? I quit. :) So enough about that junk, I want to do what I feel like. xD The amazing life lessons you learn from nail polish hehe :)

I’ve been asked by a few of you to create some sports nails, and so I just decided to create a few balls. ;) Nothing really specific, but instead of making all my nails the same, I’m going to hit 5 birds with one hand. ;) And of course if you create these, you only have to do your favorite sport(s). ;)
Sports Nails
As you can see, I created a tennis ball, football, volleyball, basketball, and a baseball. 
Sports Nails Tutorial
I decided since the tennis ball, baseball, and football are pretty simple, I could just create one college with all 3. These are just simple curves and lines. :) To create these, I'd just use a striper brush or a pencil dipped in polish as usual. I will show you what I used to make these in another "tip" tutorial at a later date.
Basketball Nails Tutorial
Here are the basketballs :) Also just curves and lines. You don't have to make them straight like I did, you can have them at an angle like my baseball. ;)
Volleyball Nails Tutorial
And finally, here is my volleyball :) This looks complicated but isn't really! It's hard to verbalize these so try to copy the picture if possible. More lines and curves, but at an angle! The basketball and the volleyball tutorials have been edited on 8/30/13. :)
Sports Nails
Here are my nails before! (Why the silver? Wait a second!)
Sports Nails
And after! Yes, the silver was supposed to be a soccer ball but then I had to change them to a white baseball because I needed more practice... ;)
Sports Nails
Another shot at my sporty nails! ;) And my tennis ball. xD
Sports Nails
And here is a really random college of my tennis gear & nails. I love tennis. ;)

I know most of you won't just create 5 different ball nails on yourself, but just trying to give you all a visual! :) I know that the next time my favorite team is playing though, I can create nails to match and be ready for this game! Or maybe to show some school spirit? ;) I hope that you enjoyed learning how to make some of your favorite sport nails and I can't wait to show you all what else I have up my sleeve. (In this past week, I've figured out this blogging system a little more so when I have the time, I"ll update the look so that it's easier to navigate. Plus! I have a TON of new tips and tricks to teach you all! Hurray!) So until next time, Your Polish Pal, Jenna :)


  1. Those are really cool do you know how to do gymnastics nails?

    1. Thank you! <3 I haven't tried yet! But I sure can! ;) Is there anything specific you'd like? :)

  2. Not really whatever u can think of:))) so excited