Monday, December 31, 2012

Happy New Year's Eve!

Hey everyone! It is the end of the year 2012! Whooo hooo! Finally time to date our paper with 13's and look forward to the new year. :) Actually the New Year isn't really "big" for me but I am very excited for school to start up again! I miss HAVING to have to get up and ready for school plus doing work, hehe. And by my little winter scene nails below, you can tell that I haven't really had anything better to do than to do my nails. :)

I really adore these nails! I was inspired by @hcnails on Instagram! Definitely check her out because she has the cutest designs!  I used Black Heart by Sally Hansen and some white, brown, and red acrylic paint for the design. :) I actually used Dutch Tulips by OPI for the "holly berries" though haha!! ;) I've really been trying to do my best to "recreate" others art just for fun! I like it a lot! Let me know if there is any artwork you'd like me to recreate just for fun. :)
I tried to make the branches connect too :) Love the falling snow! 
I hope you can tell that I tried to draw a cardinal haha.. 
And isn't the black background fantastic?!?! Even with dark colors, I love it! Sorry for those who liked the white... I think I'm going to stick with the black. ;) 
I love these nails!
So before we go, it's a MUST to have some highlights of 2012, huh? Well here are mine: I just started tennis this year for fun and I've FALLEN IN LOVE. It's way more fun than just running around like I did for 3 years in track hehe. ;) Especially now that I got my sister to play with me, I have a partner FOR LIFE. <3 ;) Haha! I have been doing well in school and all the activities that I'm a part of plus I started nail art... xD If I could show you my timeline, you'd be shocked at how much I've improved. ;) Now of course my resolution (not that I actually keep them but I need to have them in mind for the new year!) is to concentrate more on studying, scholarships, and schoolwork! Only 1 more year and then the hard part is done! *Keep going Jenna, you got it!* Shut up voice. *But you're almost there girl!* I don't care. I hate studying and writing. *That's ironic. You wrote an essay about how you adore writing.* Okay, you know what? I don't need your sass! I do like writing but eh... *Excuses, excuses.* OOOOOOOOKAY. I just turned off the voice so no more convo! >:( Hehe ;) Thanks for joining me today for my New Year's Eve Nails! I love the little branches with the snow on them plus the falling snow and berries :) It's that "classical" winter scene. ;) Thanks again @hcnails for the inspiration! <3 Until next time, Your Polish Pal, Jenna :) 

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