Friday, January 11, 2013

Basketball Nails Tutorial

Ahhhh... The life of a in school! I didn't realize how much reading I would have required for this quarter! It is INSANE. But I felt so bad about being a bad blogger, so I am going to start making "mini tutorials". :) That's right, they're just going to be super short ones. :) Instead of making a "full" tutorial with pictures of how all my nails looked step by step or the entire process, I'll just show one nail, like the thumb for example. Hopefully this will allow me to post more often! :) It'll definitely be a lot easier for me and hopefully a bit more beneficial for you! :D So, go ahead and take a look at my basketball nails and continue to read on if you're interested in learning how to make them. :)
Basketball Nails
You will need an orange nail polish (for your basketball of course! Or well.. whatever color ball you want I suppose ;)) and a black nail art striper or a brush and acrylic paint like I use. ;) This orange is Sun Kissed by Sally Hansen. :) Love the orange! It's like a yummy sherbet color.
1. Start with your orange base. (Or whatever colored basketball you desire.. xD)
2. Draw a black line straight down your nail. Take your time! You don't have to go fast. :) Nice and slow will help with a straighter line, but as always, practice makes perfect. ;)
3. Draw a ")" shape on your nail at one side. (Please refer to picture in step 3 for a better idea. This will be a curve on your basketball.)
4. Repeat step 3 but this time draw a "(" on the other side. (Also refer to picture. Can you see our basketball forming?! :D)
5. Finally draw a line across the middle of your nail. And you're done! Look at those fabulous basketball nails!!!
Basketball Nails
Aren't these nails just adorable? Whether it's basketball season and you want to have some basketball nails for your next game or just love the sport, these will PERFECT for your next mani! I have basketballs on all of my nails but I know some girls are using these as accent nails and using their school colors and jersey numbers for their other nails. Either way, I hope that you definitely try these cute sporty nails out! Also, check out my Sport Themed Nail Art in the tutorial tab or just click the link. You can find softball, tennis, football, and volleyball tutorial there. ;) They're kind of old though.. so I will probably redo those tutorials again too. xD 
Basketball Nails
And oh LOL... Random orange tic tacs ad my nails. ;) See how I made my basketballs vary as well? They don't have to be perfect! I just started drawing them "on a curve" haha!

I hope that you enjoyed learning how to make these basketball nails and like these "mini" tutorials. :) I like making these a lot more because they're much quicker for me to edit! Hope you gals don't mind. Let me know your thoughts in the comments, thanks! Until next time, Your Polish Pal, Jenna :)