Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Penguin Mini Tutorial

It's crazy having so much free time! Actually, it's not even free time... I am busy, busy, BUSY with getting my senior project done along with getting caught up again with my online PE class. (Haha, yeah, let's not question about the online PE. I need to start writing my papers because they're due next week! XD) But for the first time since who knows when (okay, probably like December), I am finally practically stress free! :D It's crazy insane, I know, but seriously. I am as chill as a cucumber now and I'm excited to show you all how to create your own penguin manicure!

Not the best picture of how my penguins turned out but let's just say I hated them so much that I took them off right after I finished them... ;) They looked good in real life! I was just stupid and gave them neon bowties so when I actually took photos of them, the bowties don't really show up that well. So sorry! :/

So let's get started on this penguin tutorial! You'll need yellow/orange, black and white nail polish (or whatever color you want your penguins to be xD I've seen penguins in all different colors -- from pink to blue! I suppose that was on Club Penguin though.. Bahaha ;)), a toothpick/mechanical pencil to make dots with and draw. Something optional that you will need is various nail polish colors for your little penguin's bowtie!
1. Start off with a black base and let this dry completely. I used Ebony Hates Chris by Wet n' Wild.
2. Draw a white mound. I don't really know how to explain this (try to copy the pic haha?) but the best I can do is pretend like you're going to paint the entire nail again with white but this time don't go all the way. Eek... hard to explain! Just make a hill! >.< Now let this layer dry -- this white polish is that French White Crème by Wet n' Wild.
3. Using your toothpick/pencil, draw to little black dots for eyes.
4. Wipe off your toothpick/pencil and now draw your beak! You can use yellow or orange but as you can see, I chose yellow. :) And to do this, just create a small, little "V".
5. Time to add those little feet! I just drew on little round mounds using Sun Kissed by Sally Hansen. (You can just use the brush that comes in the bottle! Just be very careful and take your time!)
6. (Optional) Finally, if you are finding you're penguin just too.. well, naked... Then dress him up! Literally. I gave mine a little bow tie. ;) And I used Pacific Blue by Sally Hansen to make it and just used my pencil dipped in polish. To make this particular bowtie, I used made 2 sideway hearts that connected at the center. You can find that little heart tutorial HERE. And you're done with your penguin nails! :D
How easy was that?! You didn't even need "special nail art tools"! I would spam you with more penguins but I have no more.. :( So here! Take a look at some stunning black polish instead. XD
I know you're probably like "OMG, NOOOO! Anything but black polish!!!" but really, isn't this just beautiful? I love Ebony Hates Chris by Wet n' Wild! (3 coats + Seche Vite). It's a bit thin, but the result is worth it! 
Think about all the nail art you can do with black nails! I'm thinking gold and black would make a great tape mani or glitter gradient.. :D  
And one last shot of Ebony Hates Chris <3 Some girls don't have black nail polish because they think it's "goth" or just plain creepy. Well, you don't have to wear it on it's own (but I certainly would in this case! Look at this shine!!!) but it's so useful for many different types of nail art! Polka dots for instance. You can't get much more "standard" then the classy black and white polka dot mani. ;)
Hehe, I hope you enjoyed my simple penguin nail art tutorial and the random rambles about black nail polish! :) Summer weather is FINALLY here too! ;)
Your Polish Pal,

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