Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Ombre Stripes

Moooohaha! I love recycling manicures. :) (When you add a design or something more to the last design you had so that you don't HAVE to take it off just quite yet!) So I just added some awesome stripes to that ombre mani I had on yesterday. :) It's my first time using striping tape so please don't make fun. XD I do really like how it turned out though! Wait... what is striping tape? :O Keep reading for more info! ;) 

 I am actually really surprised how well this turned out! So I used kept the same colors on I had yesterday (you can check out the colors here because I'm too lazy to list them off again xD) but then the black is Ebony Hates Chris by Wet n' Wild.
I love how striping tape can make perfect stripes! I just have to practice some more. ;)
So do what is striping tape? Well.. striping tape is extremely thin tape that you buy in a roll from eBay, amazon, or stores that have nail art supply. This tape is generally pretty cheap -- you can get several rolls for just a couple dollars! I'll have more details on striping tape sometime but that's the quick definition! And here is a little tutorial I made on how I used the striping tape to create this look. :)
1. Start of with your base coat and let this dry completely.
2. Cut a few pieces of striping tape and place on your nail. (The great thing about striping tape is you can create virtually any design! I just did a super simple look but you can make any design. ;))
3. Now repaint your nail a second color. Notice how the striping tape "saves" the original color?
4. Once you're done repainting your entire nail, gently peel off the striping tape and taaaa-daaaa! Look at these perfect lines! :D
Okay that was a bad tutorial but the design was super duper simple. Oh NO!! What if I don't have striping tape?!?!?! You can cut any tape super thinly to make your own but of course striping tape is a major convenience for design when you want perfect lines. :) Or not perfect lines.... xD It really just takes a lot of practice as you can see with my first try. ;) Good luck everyone haha!
Your Polish Pal,

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