Sunday, June 9, 2013

Spit Fire by Pure Ice

I am not bailing on this trend of Sunday's Swatch! I actually love doing this post a LOT because sometimes I put on a color, take photos, and just ain't feeling it for nail art so I end up taking it off.. XD So I have a ton of swatches and it's just a matter of hmmm.. which one do I show this week? Well, in this case I decided to go with Spit Fire by Pure Ice! (I don't know what my whole obsession with pink has been... It's INSANE. Everything I've done has pink in it the last few manis.. Meh! Showing you all my girly side. :)) So let's take a look at some swatch spam and maybe a little diamond nail art tutorial..? ;)

I really love this pink glitter so much! It reminds me of super condensed glitter like I'm Not A Lion or Glistening Snow by China Glaze but of course Pure Ice is waaaay cheaper. $2 at Walmart guys! :D
I used 3 coats, NO undies, and topped with Seche Vite and wow. Look at this baby sparrrrrrkle! I rarely ever say you NEED a polish but this is one of those kinds. In the sun, these holographic glitters are BLINDING. Okay, so the next polish you must buy is Spit Fire by Pure Ice. Okay? ;) Oh and you're asking me how in the world do you take this glitter off? NOT WITH COTTON BALLS AND ACETONE that's for sure! With this, you're going to have to do the glue base method OR buy Yellow Stopper at Sally's Beauty Supply (it's only like $5) and use it as a base coat and then this glitter polish will literally pop off when you're done with it. Now I really have to post a review on the Yellow Stopper because you're probably like what they heck are you talking about?! Just trust me. ;)
And why yes, I love this hand pose too. ;) Keep in mind these are all "shade" photos so when you actually stick this polish in light/you're outside, you're going to be blinding everyone! xD Let's move on to our little diamond tutorial! It's basically self-explanatory but here's the written instructions. 
Diamond Tutorial:
1. Start of with your base coat. I used a glitter base but you can use any plain color (e.g. silver, white, blue, etc.) Let this dry completely.
2. Add a diagonal line as if you're going to make a huge "V".
3. Finish off your "V" by added a line in the opposite direction!
4. Add 2 little lines coming out of the "V" like in the photo.
5. Connect those 2 brand new lines with a line going across the top.
6. Now connect the original "V" with a line going across the top too.
7. Draw 2 little "v"s in the top trapezoid.
8. Connect the bottom of the little "v"s with a line that goes directly to the bottom of the triangle.
Yeah that was horrible explanation... I could have got more technical and used geometry terms (vertex, diagonal, etc.) and that might have been easier to understand but yeah... just take a look at the picture haha! To make your diamond even better, some people fill their diamond with a different color OR they color the outside (so like my pink base) with black. :) I just liked my little diamond like this though!
Yeah, I just sound silly now.. So thanks for joining me for the 2nd week of Sunday's Swatch! xD Have a great week guys. :)
Your Polish Pal,

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