Sunday, June 16, 2013

Mint Sorbet by Sally Hansen

Happy Father's Day guys! :D (I don't think that many men are out their reading a nail blog, haha.. but I know a few. ;)) But I'd also like to say happy day to all those women out their that have kids and are raising them single-handed -- hence playing the man's role AND woman's. Basically kudos to all of you that have kids and love and raise them! <3
Today I have for you probably one of my favorite polishes of ALL times. It's honestly an all time classic and you're going to need to by this if you're looking for the perfect mint green. Say hello to Mint Sorbet by Sally Hansen for this week's Sunday Swatch.

For this swatch, I only used 2 coats of Mint Sorbet and of course topped with Seche Vite.
Look at how long my nails look! OMG! I'm going to have a vain moment here and say they look stinking fantastic.... I am SO proud of the shape and length! Plus, light polish always makes nails seem longer than they really are. ;)
By the way guys, do you like my new watermarks? Do you notice that they're obviously not as "IN YOUR FACE" but still say my Instagram and also blog? I just hate having my pictures stolen (but I know it happens, blah blah blah) so I watermark just in case someone wants to find the original source. That's why I usually put IG@PolishPals and PolishPals on my cuticles just in case someone crops out everything else, it'd be super obvious that it's mine or something. I dunno... I feel like this new watermark isn't enough! Ahhh! I'm so paranoid haha..
And my simple take at Father's Day nails! Argyle nails ;) Even though I realized after doing my nails that my Daddy doesn't wear argyle.... he wears plaid! Oh awkward. :( Oh well... I definitely need to practice these though! It was my first time trying thanks to being inspired by The Nail Trail. ;) Thanks Hannah! <3
Well that concludes my 3rd week of Sunday Swatch and it's so cool to see how fast my nails grow and how much better I've gotten at swatching. XD Until next week guys! Have a fun week! ;)
Your Polish Pal,
(P.S. YAAAAAAAAAAY! FINALS ARE ON TUESDAY!!! :D Then I'll be done with school until like August! Hurray!!!!!!!!! I am so happy. :))

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