Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Flowers & Stripes

Tehehe.. I love it when you have those days when your nail art not only turns out, but also turns out better than expected! <3 So today I'd like to show you my flower and stripe nails I did last night. :) I was super excited to get photos this morning! I was inspired by @selenadee_nails on Instagram who was inspired by Mod Nails. ;) I definitely changed up the original look but I love they way they did flowers with black and white stripes. :D Keep reading for more photo spam and figure out what polishes I used!

Of course the white base is French White Crème and the black is Ebony Hates Chris, both my Wet n' Wild.
The colors I used for the pink flowers are Strip Tease (the light pink) by Pure Ice and then Cream Pink (the dark pink) by Sinful Colors.
And I'm sooooooo proud of my cursive "love"! I used acrylic paint for that and the stripes.
Oooh! And one last polish -- the green for the leaves is Wild Thing by Pure Ice.
And I want to give one last thanks to @painted_nails_ on Instagram for helping me decide on the design. xD I only had the first 3 fingers done and was trying to do something different on the pinky but she convinced me that the flowers were enough. ;) Thanks for checking out my floral nails guys! <3 I'm so glad that I FINALLY bought new brushes. ;)
Your Polish Pal,

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