Friday, June 14, 2013

Laquerlicious: July 4th, 1776

Is it really the middle of June?! Sheesh.. Can you believe that July is only a couple of weeks away? Tehehe.. there is one woman that is actually planning ahead. ;) Michelle, the maker Laquerlicious polish, has created yet ANOTHER fabulous collection made specifically for the 4th of July! Today I'm going to show off Fireworks & Freedom and America's Birthday from this collection. Keep reading to take a look at these totally unique polishes! ;) You're going to need them for YOUR 4th of July.

First off, I'd like to show you all America's Birthday. I do admit with my first glance at the bottle I was kind of unsure of how much I'd like this polish. Red glitters in a blue base? Yeah, I was kind of afraid to put this on my nails. But boy, I definitely judged a polish by its look in the bottle! As soon as I put this polish on, I fell IN LOVE. This polish is a lovely blue filled with tiny red, blue, and silver glitters along with some larger silver hexagon and silver bar glitters.
I am wearing 3 coats of America's Birthday and topped with Seche Vite. Two coats would have been fine but I like the glitter being condensed so 3 was perfect! (No undies needed here!)
I really love this blue! While it's perfect for the 4th, I can see myself just wearing this just because. :) I don't know why I was afraid to put this polish on haha... I find it so fun. In fact, I realized the great combo that this blue makes with the red, silver, and blue glitter that I'm planning a senior picture outfit around it. xD Yeah.. I'm thinking red pants and a denim jacket or something? Anyway! Moral of the story is you truly do need this polish because it's so stinking cute!
One last shot of America's Birthday topped with Fireworks & Freedom. ;) And this brings me to my next polish that I reviewed.
Here is Fireworks & Freedom over Poinsettia by China Glaze. This polish in particular is supposed to be a glitter topper, meaning you will need a base color but no biggy because you can top this over a TON of colors and it'll still look great. ;) This polish has red, silver, and blue glitters that come in many shapes and sizes! We have some tiny circle ones, medium hexagon ones, medium squares ones, and finally some bars! Did I forget to mention there are some pretty holographic glitters in there too? ;)
Fireworks & Freedom is PACKED full of the glitter in it's base so you only need one coat! It was such a surprise to see all the glitter on the brush but turned out to be delightful when you stuck it on your nail and was like, "Wow. That was easy." :)
Yeah, stop looking at your future 4th of July mani. You found it here. No nail art needed -- instead, just buy some beautiful glitter!
Glitter, glitter, glitter!
And just one last random picture of Fireworks & Freedom over multiple colors! We have it over a naked nail, black, blue, red, and white. There is one slight potential issue with Fireworks & Freedom -- Although this polish is supposed to be a glitter topper, the base isn't perfectly clear. Instead, when I swatched this on paper and then on white polish, I noticed that the base was tinted pink. This is understandable because of the red glitter but I'm just warning you all that if you put it on white polish or even on clear nails, it'll be kind of pink. :( It's not really a big deal when you put it over any other colored polish though!
Overall, I would totally recommend both America's Birthday and Fireworks & Freedom by Laquerlicious. I adore how cute and patriotic both polishes are! And even though they're made for the 4th of July, you could totally wear them anytime because they're gorgeous. ;) These polishes can be bought here and they both retail at $9.50 for a full sized bottle (.5oz). Keep up with Michelle's updates on her Facebook page, Instagram, or Twitter. Thanks guys for taking a look at these awesome patriotic polishes! <3 God Bless America!
Your Polish Pal,
*I was provided the product(s) to review. I was not paid to give this review. This is my honest opinion based on my personal experience with the product(s).

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