Saturday, June 22, 2013

Neon Tribal

You guys aren't going to believe this... I've had this mani on for FOUR days and I won't be taking it off any time soon. :( I mean, I love it and all.. but I feel so nail art deprived! Would you like to take a look at one of my favorite manicure I've created so far? ;) I thought so. Keep reading for a HUUUGE picture spam!
P.S. I also did my right hand. ;) (I am right handed so yes, I did it with my non-dominant hand! :D)

 Okay, so people often ask HOW DID YOU DO THE COLORS IN THE BACK?!?! Well.. I hope most of you guys already know it's called a gradient ;) But if not, well now you know! I don't plan on doing a gradient tutorial anytime soon so you should all youtube Simplenailartdesigns for help on that one. ;) I did actually use polish for this gradient too! I generally use acrylics but I don't have any neons.
This was way more vibrant in real life obviously (think of hot pink, traffic cone orange, and highlighter yellow on my nails) but it kinda looked like this to start off with.
And there I added some black tribal! The polishes I used are shown in the background: Pink - Poptastic, Orange - Wham! Pow!, and Yellow - China Glaze Yellow Polka Dot Bikini.
This truly is one of my favorite manicures ever! I mean.. I'm still wearing it!;)
Yes. This is the manicure that I'm wearing to camp for a week!
And no... I'm not brilliant enough to come up with the neon gradient and black tribal on top. xD
I had help from my awesome #bestietwinnails collab-er, Hannah from The Nail Trail. :D;) Her's are like a lot more perfect... >.< This is oddly embarrassing to post haha!
LOLOLOLOL. And here is my RIGHT HAND. Hey, don't judge! I'm not ambidextrous lol!
Thanks for taking a look at my newest summer nails ;) I now am completed with that pesky senior project so I am finally free to enjoy summer! Oh boy. ;) I won't be here at all until probably next Sunday due to being absent at camp so I'll talk to you all then!
Your Polish Pal,

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