Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Ombre Nails

I've noticed that the last few posts have had pink nail or purple polish involved... I swear I'm not usually that "girly-girl" but goodness! Pink polish is probably one of my favorite things. ;) So I decided I HAD to do something with no pink polish.. Do you know how hard this is?! It was crazy. So I decided to go with blue. :D And yeah, I couldn't figure out what blue to choose so I picked 5, hehe. Say hello to my super simple ombre nails! These are NOT gradient xD Trust me on this. Keep reading for more pics and my quick explanation on ombre versus gradient nails. :)

I truly did want to do nail art but like I said, I couldn't choose a blue polish... xD There were just so many! Look at this guys!!!
Here are the colors I used :) The darkest went on my thumb of course and the lightest on my pinky nail. ;) The colors are from left to right are -- Color Club Chelsea Girl, NYC Water Street Blue, Maurices [no name], Color Club Age of Aquarius, and Sinful Colors Mint Dream.
So guys, what's the difference between gradient nails and just plain ombre? Well, ombre means you use the SAME color but just different shades of it! For instance, in this mani, I used 5 different shades of blue. :) But as you can see, it's a solid shade on each nail! In this mani here, this is called gradient because a nail has MULTIPLE colors and it's blended together. So a gradient mani can use ombre colors (like I used pink shades in that mani) but you don't necessarily need the same color. I've seen some gorgeous gradients using like red, orange, and yellow for sunsets or just any other color combo you want! Woah. Long definition, huh?
Moooohaha! I really do love the simplicity of this mani. ;) <3 SO stinking easy and cute!
Finally here is one last photo of my polishes and nails. ;)
Thanks guys for taking a look at my ombre nails! Are you going to try soon? What colors would you use? Hehe... I could do pink! JUST KIDDING. I'll wait until Valentine's Day or something.... ;)
Your Polish Pal,

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