Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Think Pink

Hehe oh I'm so happy! (Oh so happy! Very, VERY happy!) Why you ask? (Or may not be asking...) Well, I have a list actually. *Ahem*
 1. I switched up my blog a bit -- It's spring/summer guys! Time to make the background POP. Do you like? ;) Now I need to change my favicon...
 2. I got a 92% on my World History test. Hands down hardest history test I've ever taken. I swear, I thought I was going to get a B or C on it. Hehe... class average was like a C and I was the only A. I feel bad that it was a bad test for everyone but I'm ecstatic that I still did well on that test.
3. I am getting sponsored by several different companions at the moment so STAY TUNED for some upcoming reviews on some fantastic products. ;)
4. While in college, I have met MANY amazing international people. :) They come from so many different countries and are learning English so quickly! (Some in just 6 months is pretty much fluent!! It amazes me by how well they learn another language and especially while going to college). Anyway, I talk to international students ALL the time. They make me laugh and I love telling them about the "American Culture" while they tell me all about theirs. The thing that really MADE MY DAY though was when Arab gal (I've never talked to her until today!) comes up to me and says, "You are very social and nice. I love how you always are talking to us new English-speakers and you don't make fun of us or smile and pretend to know what we're talking about when you really just can't understand our accents." It was way cute and made me feel really good because it's true -- I love talking to people, ANY people. ;) Especially though when I get to learn new things! <3
5. Finally, I BLOGGED 9x this month! Whoooohoooo! I'm getting better at it too, don't you think? Okay. Maybe not the blogging part (my life is somewhat un-amusing to some.. I enjoy it very much though ;)) but the nails have gotten a lot cleaner and cuter. XD Can't deny that!
WOAH.. I haven't really blogged about my life for a while. ;) This is fun! But let's add some nail pictures to make this even better.  Today I have some super simple pink ombre nails!
As usual for my ombre/gradient nails, I just use a white base (French White Creme by WetnWild of course :p) and acrylic paint for the pink. 
I've been getting home late the past few weekdays and it's crucial for me to use natural light when taking pictures.. SOOOO I wake up at 6AM to get ready for school and then eventually take photos of my nails. Great schedule, huh? Haha..
More pink ombre nails! (SUBTLE ombre hehe.. I'll be adding a design on it tonight I think so stay tuned! ;)) 
And finally I was trying to get artsy and take pictures of my nails outdoors with some of the trees/flowers blooming! I'm such a dork... >.<
Thanks for joining me for my random pink ombre nail spam! We'll see if the awesome nail art idea works.. if not, I'm going to cry. XD Until next time, Your Polish Pal, Jenna :)

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