Saturday, April 20, 2013

Classic Chevron

Hey, hey! No tutorial today but I just wanted to show you how adorable my chevron nails came out ;) Or should I say chevron accent nail? Anyway, I'm not sure who "created" the look, but it's very popular out there in the nail world! xD I mean take a loo at these, aren't they super classy?! I do have to give credit to Selenadee_Nails for first inspiring me to try the pink and glitter combo out. Do continue reading for more picture spam and info on how I did this mani! <3
One of my favorte manicures. :)

The colors I used are Mighty Mango by Sally Hansen (pink), Glistening Snow by China Glaze (silver glitter), and just white and black acrylic paint for the chevron nails. And yes.. it is free hand! I try not to use tape because I'm lazy haha!
I even do my thumb hehe. :) (I ALWAYS, always do my thumb! I just don't always show it. ;))
And the best part is you can change the pink/coral color to your favorite color! I mean seriously. Any color would look fantastic with this design. I may try a nice neon or even a pastel the next time I try. ;)
Tehehe.. One of my good friends asked me how my nails were always so shiny, especially the silver glitter. I told her about my favorite topcoat Seche Vite and she was just stunned. She didn't know how cool a topcoat could be. xD Nail noob. ;)
Well this concludes my short little picture spam of this cute and easy manicure! I am loving the chevrons A LOT. This is a great nail design for the summer and you can change it up with any color to match that perfect outfit and jewelry choice. (Maybe instead of silver glitter, gold would work!) Until next time, Your Polish Pal, Jenna :)

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  1. So cute! I'm going to try this tomorrow! Great ideas ;)