Sunday, April 7, 2013

Pink Stained Glass Nails

I finally have time to post! Yippee! ;) So let's see what I have for today... Hmm, how about stained glass nails version #2 plus a updated tutorial? :) Take a look below for a preview and keep on reading for more details.
Let's start off with the mini tutorial first! All you need is several different colored nail polishes and a tool to make super thin black lines. :) The colors I used were Hardcore Party, Mighty Mango, and Honeymoon Red by Sally Hansen along with Strip Tease by Pure Ice. The black is black acrylic (basic craft paint).
1. First start off with a LIGHT base coat. I used Hardcore Party which is a very pale pink. :)
2. Now begin drawing some random lines with black. They are honestly just really random!
3. Continue drawing those random black lines. :) Notice the cool shapes you're making? Make sure you keep those big enough to fill with polish!
4. Yup. Time to fill up a few of the random spaces. This is Mighty Mango, a bright coral color. To fill these spaces, I just used the nail polish brush from the bottle. That's why I had to keep the spaces kind of big so I could fill them easily!
5. Repeat step 4 but with another color. This time I used the Honeymoon Red.
6. Fill in a couple more spaces with one more color if you please! The last color I used a medium pink called Strip Tease.
7. OPTIONAL: Now that you're done filling in your lines, you can definitely retrace the lines again with black if you see any mess ups you'd like to fix. Also, I like to make a border around my stained glass nails, so you can do that too. Whenever you're done though, top with a clear coat and then admire these awesome geometric nails. ;)
I really do love my thumb!
Hehe and me trying to hold a makeup bag. :)
Thanks for joining me for this nail art tutorial! What I love about this cute yet simple nail design is that you can use ANY nail polish color combo. :) Obviously this time my theme was "pink", but you can do anything like bright colors, pastels, glitter, etc. I hope you enjoyed this and let me know if you try it. Until next time, Your Polish Pal, Jenna :)
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  1. OMG! this is so perfect! totally trying this!!
    seriously love your nail art :}