Sunday, April 14, 2013

Swan Love

Hey ladies! Just want to show off the manicures that I did last week and ended up falling IN LOVE with it. ;) I've been sporting these guys for almost a WEEK. That's how much I love them. <3
Of course I'm not this artistic on my own; I was inspired by the amazing Mademoiselle Emma with her flawless 2 swans. Take a look at her original post HERE. <3 Mine don't look nearly as good as hers but I still am quite proud of these cuties. ;)
So yes, the base color is You're Such a Budapest by OPI and the white is only acrylic paint that I used to freehand my swans. What do you think? I wanted to leave the rest of my fingers plain like Emma did. I was too chicken to mess up the design with hearts or glitter. xD ;) Anyho! I literally just took this design off. :( It was really sad to see them go! I had to redo the swan on the left twice. The silly neck just wasn't working. Alas, I kept these on for 5 days hehe. I'll miss you Mr. and Mrs. Swan! Until next time, Your Polish Pal, Jenna 

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