Friday, June 7, 2013

Happy Birthday Amanda!

Eeeek! Blogging definitely has it's ups and downs. A major "up" in my opinion is the people that you can meet that have the same interests as you! A lot of my friends and family know that I am obsessed with nail art, especially since I bombard their Facebook feeds with a nail photo every week or so, but not many of them try out nail art or are as apt about it a I am. When I entered the blogging world and Instagram, I was so surprised that there were others out there that also strived to become an artist on their nails! It's so great to get into conversations with people that are interested in the next nail polish collection or new tips and techniques to try next.
I want to dedicate this post to one of my Instagram (IG) besties, @painted_nails_ :) She is so stinking sweet and funny and of course I love her nails! It's been crazy watching us both grow and improve our nail art. And of course, today is a special day for her -- it's the day of her birth! :D Also known as... the birthday. :O So yeah. I painted my nails just for her but was stupid and used a pink base and then used PINK colors AFTER I figured out that she's not too girly... Sorry Amanda.. You're just going to HAVE to like the colors! But here ya go girl! I tried hard. ;) Just kidding... they're not my best! :O
So yeah, here are my super girly, pink birthday nails!
The base color is Bubble Bath by OPI and then the darker pink is Greenwhich Village by NYC. Black, white, and light pink is acrylic paint while the red and green are nail polish colors but I'm too lazy to read the labels since they're so insignificant. XD
Kind of a closeup! I really like my balloon. :) That cupcake... I don't know what I was going for. I just wanted it to be different. :( And it definitely is different... Whoops.
Last shot at my birthday nails! Which nail is your favorite? ;)
And yeah... this is what happens when you decide to make matching nails. ;) Here is just one example of what Amanda can do! We kept it relatively easy because I'm not very good and this was like a month ago! XD If you ever need something to do with your best friend, do the #bestietwinnails tag with something and make matching nails! Then just gawk at your awesomely coordinating nails and even post them to like Instagram or Twitter with the tag #bestietwinnails. ;)
Anyway, one more time, HAPPY BIRTHDAY AMANDA! I won't give out your age but I still don't know why you're not proud to be 82!! Jkjk! ;) Love ya girl! Hope you have a great day. :) And happy birthday to everyone out there. Make some birthday nails and celebrate! *~<:D
Your Polish Pal,

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  1. these are so cute!!!! Happy Birthday to Amanda! (well probably belated at this point that I'm seeing this post) lol