Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Glitter Gradient Tutorial

I. Am. Officially. Out. Of. School. [for the summer ;)] Yaaaaaaaay! I am so relieved! Now I just have to get done with the rest of this busy week and on Friday, I will once again be very happy ;) So what do I have for you today? Oh just a really simple nail glitter gradient tutorial using pink polish. (Don't judge. I have a ton of pink nail polishes!) So take a look at my completed glitter gradient nails to see if you want to learn how to make your own! ;)

 Glitter Gradient Tutorial
You will need a base polish and a coordinating glitter polish. My glitter polish is somewhat chunky meaning that there are some fine glitter and also some chunky glitters in there too. I find that semi chunky polish is the best for glitter gradients rather than ALL fine glitter or ALL chunky polishes. But I know that you can get any type of glitter polish to work if you just take a little more time and practice. :) So let's get started! It's really simple and the explanation is so lame but I'm sure you'll get it with just a little practice!
1. Start off with your base polish and let it dry. I am using my favorite pink, Bubble Bath by OPI.
2. Start to apply some glitter polish on the tip of your nail. Make this tip part really condensed with glitter! I am using You Are Not Alone by Orly.
3. When that part is drying, make sure there is a LITTLE amount of glitter polish on the brush (the brush that comes in the bottle) and apply it to the middle of your nail. I think dabbing the brush is easiest. And don't be hatin' yet! I know step 3 looks kinda ugly but wait. ;)
4. Finally, dab a bit more polish where the condensed glitter and the really light glitter meets to make, well... a "medium" amount of glitter. It's confusing to explain but look at the difference between 3 and 4! It's so subtle but it totally finishes your gradual glitter gradient. :) When you glitter polish dries, seal with a topcoat and you're done! :D
Eek! I know that was difficult to explain but hey, this is how your nails could turn! ;)
Haha yes.. a topsy-turvy photo ;) Thanks for taking a look at my glitter gradient and my tutorial!
Your Polish Pal,

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