Monday, July 22, 2013

F is for Fire

F is for Fire. Yes! It's finally time to redeem myself from those silly elephant nails. For today's challenge I have some awesome fire nails! I actually have a tutorial for these if you're interested so keep reading! :)

 So for these nails, I decided it was time to switch base to acrylic paint real quick because it's a lot easier to work with. But you can use nail polish if you want! So let's get this fire nail tutorial going.
1. I started off with a black base. It's Ebony Hates Chris by Wet n' Wild.
2. Next I traced out my soon to be flame in white acrylic paint.
3. Then I filled in the flame with white so that I could paint on top of it.
4. I then filled in the white with red acrylic paint.
5. Filled some of the red with orange paint. I did leave some of the red because this will be the outline.
6. And I finally used a lighter orange and filled the very bottom with a lighter orange paint to add more depth (I just mixed the orange acrylic paint with a little white). I didn't really like how yellow looked so that's why I chose a lighter orange instead. Finally added a topcoat and you're done!
I was really sad that my matte topcoat is all dried out >.< I've really wanted to make this design matte! Grrr!
"She's a girl and she's on fire..." ;)
So I give you my fire nails! Or well.. maybe they're flame nails... ;) Hehe they could technically be both but I got a few requests on Instagram for "fire" so that's what I shall call them. It was really hard at first because I couldn't figure out what they're supposed to look like but after the 3rd try (yeah.. practice makes perfect!) I decided these looked pretty good. :) Any ideas for "G"? :D
F is for Fire Nails.
Your Polish Pal,


  1. Really nice nails! :D

    Uhm G,,, Google/Grapes/Giraffe/Gingerbreadman!
    One of those? :)

    1. Thank you, Estelle! I did decide to go with Giraffes ;) Google was a close 2nd but I just didn't feel like doing letters yesterday xD