Saturday, July 6, 2013

Incoco Review

Hey everyone! I have a TREAT to show you all today. I was sent some Incoco Nail Strips to review for you all so take a look below at how they turned and then keep reading to learn more about them. ;) Let's just say this is the first time I've used "nail stickers" (these are technically called appliques) and I hate it when people claim my nails are stickers, but these are freaking fantastic and I'm proud to wear them! :D 
 So first of all, what is Incoco? Incoco is a company located in Clifton, New Jersey in the United States that are most known for their amazing nail appliques (nail stickers) that are made of 100% nail polish while also creating Ready, Set, Gel! kits.
I was sent these 3 different appliques to review and I was super interested in this yellow tribal design! I probably should have done the 4th of July one but I wasn't thinking about the holiday -- I was just way to excited to rip this package open and try them out! :)
So each Incoco package contains 16 nail appliques in various sizes and they cost anywhere from $7.99 to $9.99. You can find over 200 (and counting!) different designs for your nails and toes here!
Here is what one set of appliques looks like. You will get 2 with each package! As you see, the sizes range greatly so hopefully you'll find a perfect match for everyone one of your nails.
These are my first nail appliques I used ever and I was hesitant at first but my opinion quickly changed! These are SO easy to apply! They're basically just like stickers that you stick on your nails and you have to cut off the excess amount and file it to match your nail shape.
With Incoco products, you don't even need a base coat or a topcoat because they're included in the applique! I am just holding my Seche bottle for fun. ;) The shine here comes from the sticker only!
Yeah this is a picture heavy post but I honestly can't get over how pretty these are!
So how long does Incoco last? Well, I have had these on for a few days and they're still on with no signs of coming off! They're supposed to last up to 14 days (2 weeks) and they're really easy to take off. Because Incoco appliques are 100% nail polish, just remove with acetone and a cotton ball like you normally would. :)
So let's sum this review up!
Overall.. I felt that Incoco appliques are:
- Super cheap! Come on, $7.99 - $9.99 for a FULL mani? I normally would not ever go for stickers but with 200 different types of designs, why not?!? This is so much cheaper than going to a salon!
- Zoom, zoom, fast! A full mani (both hands) only took about 15 minutes and there is NO DRYING TIME. Get your girlfriends together and have a little fun putting these appliques on each other or the next time you want beautiful nails, they're easy enough to do on yourself. ;)
- In general, Incoco Appliques are just great products! They come with 16 different sizes and can be removed easily just like regular nail polish. :) By the way, the fact that they're in the United States is really helpful when it comes to shipping. ;) It doesn't take long at all!
Here are the instructions that you get with your appliques. :) It really is just this easy! There is some trial and error going on but it's very easy to remove the stickers just to make sure you have them perfectly. And when they are finally just right, you have to really rub them but after that they should stay stuck on for quite a while. I had mine on for 3 days already and I've showered with them, washed dishes with them, and basically the rest that one does every day.
Okay, I'm done blabbing on about Incoco. Just go buy some for yourself and you're going to love them! They have endless design for all holidays and personal styles. ;) Find more about them at, Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram page.
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  1. Have you taken these off yet? I am considering buying them, but most of the reviews I've read indicate they do not last the full 14 days. Also, that they are difficult to remove. Thanks for this post . . .I really want to try these!

  2. Hey Kelly! I only had them on for like 5 days (it was during a vacation) but they were still on with only a little wear on the tips. I just couldn't try to go all 14 days with them on so I can't tell you that.. sorry! I do think that if you put a clear topcoat on top of the Incoco stickers, that might actually help them last to the 2 week potential. It really all depends on what you're going to be doing with these nails on. xD (Rock climbing a few weeks ago was NOT a good idea to do with long nails for instance haha!)

    The removal was extremely easy. They came RIGHT off with acetone and a cotton ball just like regular nail polish. :) I hope this helps a little! They're a little tricky to put on at first but it's definitely worth the while. If I wasn't so cheap and into nail art, I would personally buy and wear these all the time. ;) (And I HATE nail stickers!)

  3. Y esa marca se vende en México???