Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Happy Fourth!

Happy Fourth of July everyone! I'm so sorry that my posts are short and not as well developed as I want them to be but you gotta remember that it's summer break and I'm on vacation with the family/I haven't been back home for the last week and a half. Soooo! This is my super quick 4th of July mani that I did using ONLY Fireworks & Freedom by Laquerlicious and a clear top coat just for the shine. ;) You can by Fireworks & Freedom for only $5 right now so get it before it's gone. ;) Check out THIS blog post for more pictures by the way. ;) Anyway! So here is my patriotic glitter gradient mani. :)
Patriotic Nails
:D I love these.
Fourth of July Nails

 As you can see I only used Fireworks & Freedom for my glitter on naked nails and topped it with Seche Vite.
Fourth of July Nails
Ahhhhh! I still can't believe how much my nails have grown. xD
Fourth of July Nails
If you want to learn how to make your own glitter gradient nails, check out this tutorial here!
Yeah and I only took a few photos because I was literally running out the door to the airport when I snapped these early in the morning.. lol. But hey! I'm here in Minnesota finally and spent 10 hours straight at the Mall of America. ;) I think I'm going to have a little MOA picture spam in the next few days or something just to show you all a little more about me. (LAAAAAAME.. I know. :( I do have a life outside nails though haha ;)). I did get some new nail polish too so I'm excited to swatch those colors for you as soon as I get home!
I really need to go to bed though -- this time difference is wigging me out and tomorrow is the 4th! I hope that everyone that's celebrating will have a GREAT time with your family and friends! I know I will. ;) Also, be careful with all those fireworks! >.<
Your Polish Pal,

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