Friday, July 12, 2013

She Sells Sea Shells

She sells sea shells down by the sea shore. ;) I had to say this so slowly while typing this just to make sure that I wrote the words right. xD So as you may have guessed, I have some sea shells nails that were inspired by Coewless Polish! You can check out her original manicure here. :)

I would have NEVER attempted this design if it wasn't for @workinggirlnails on Instagram! We were both brainstorm manicure ideas and she came up with these beautiful shell nails and mermaid scales. You'll see her mani at the end of the post. ;)
So the only polish I used with this mani is Refresh-mint by China Glaze. The purple, pink, green, yellow, and black is my trusty acrylic paint! And then that turquoise I used in the scales is actually loose glitter. ;)
See? Glitter + Nail = So pretty! Check out my loose glitter tutorial here for more info.
<3 Mermaid scale nails!
So here are my nails! Let's take a look at Donna's, @workinggirlnails. :)
Taaa daah! She's a TOTAL pro at nail stamping. ;) Do check her out on Instagram!
Thanks again Donna for suggesting that I go outside my comfort box and try freehanding a design that you already aced. xD
Your Polish Pal,

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