Saturday, July 20, 2013

E is for Elephants

E is for Elephants. I finally got some feedback on Instagram on what my next manicure should be. Elephants were highly asked for so I decided to go with the crowd! Yeah.. BAD CHOICE. *WARNING* I stink at drawing animals. :/ So I won't be offended if you guys can't tell what these are but you asked for it. xD Literally. Take a look at my 'elephants'.

Yeah... this is going to be a quickie post because I'm so embarrassed. Someone asked how do I do a design only using nail polish (and black paint) so I created a little "step-by-step" on how I've been doing designs lately. This isn't a tutorial. I'm just trying to explain a method of painting.
Yeah so here is my messy scrap paper where I try out color combos and doodles. So this is kinda what I do when I paint my nails.
1. First I outline the figure that the I want to paint. In this case, I'm doing elephant nails (yeah right). One is already done but I'm showing the one on the left getting started.
2. Now fill in the figure with white -- the white will make anything you paint on top opaque in just 1 or 2 coats rather than trying to do like 6. (E.g. if you're base is a dark color and you want to do pink hearts. The pink isn't going to show up on the dark very well unless you fill it in with a light color first).
3. Then I fill in the white with the color I want. In this case I used a grey, :)
4. After I filled in my polish, I just added a topcoat to smooth it out and help it dry quicker because I'm lazy like that. xD
5. I redrew all my outlines in black.
6. I finally decided that I was okay with my ending result so I finished the rest of my nails and added whatever else I wanted to my figure. This time I just did an eye. My little tusks failed. :(
7. And here is what I ended up with lol..
So yeah! That's basically how I do my designs. :) And here is a random collage of my elephant nails (wannabes) with all the polish I used. xD The base is You're Such a Budapest by OPI. The elephants are I Don't Give a Rotterdam by OPI. And the hearts are Bubble Bath by guess what, OPI! :D Hurray!
And one last shot of my E nails for the ABC Nail Challenge. xD I apologize for the weirdness of these elephants. :p I didn't know what else to do and felt bad switching. Hopefully "F" will turn out better!
E is for Elephant Nails.
Your Polish Pal,

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