Sunday, July 21, 2013

Sorry... Calendar's Full by Sephora

You all should know by now that I ADORE pink polishes. And to be honest, pink isn't even my favorite color! (Orange, lime green, and turquoise are my favorite colors. ;) Just saying.) Pink just looks good on any skin tone and you can have an endless amount of pink shades. In fact, pink is the most popular polish color in my collection, standing 13 bottles strong. xD Yes. ALL are different shades. ;) I have the prettiest pale shades all the way to  the extremely bright.
Anyway, there is my little story about how pink takes over my life. So today I have for you one of my newest pink polishes that I bought during my adventures in Minnesota. This is Sorry... Calendar's Full by Sephora! By the way, this swatch was take about a week ago... ;) I knew that I was going to have gel polish on my nails for about 2 weeks so I prepared swatches beforehand. Basically this just means most of my nail art has actually had that pink (go figure) gel polish underneath while this swatch, I assure you, is a real swatch and NOTHING is keeping it from it's true color. "Me got no undies!" it says. ;) Keep reading for some more gorgeous pictures of this color! <3

I am wearing 2 coats of SCF with no topcoat! I didn't think that it needed one. <3
It's absolutely gorgeous. This is a definite new favorite pink guys. ;)
I seriously did not have a bubble gum shade before so this really is a perfect color for me!
By the way, these Sephora by OPI polishes are normally $9.50 but I got mine for $4.50 each (almost half off!!) because apparently Sephora won't be selling them anymore (lame) and they're just trying to get rid of all their colors. I did grab 3 more colors (the nude, a teal, and a really pretty plum -- can't wait to show you all the plum! It's more of a fall color but it still makes me drool baha) but their selection was really slim just a couple weeks ago. :/ Anyway, I give you a swatch of Sorry... Calendar's Full by Sephora for Swatch Sunday. You all need a shade like this. ;)
Your Polish Pal,

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  1. I said it before and I'm sying it again: it's an amazing color!