Friday, July 19, 2013

D is for Dinosaurs

D is for Dinosaurs. You know that's right. ;) Must I explain anymore?

Yes, this ABC Challenge is doing great things for me! It's making me think outside the box and create ADORABLE manicures like these!!!!!! :D You can tell that I'm overly excited about these dino nails.... :) And all for good reason!
All of these colors are nail polish BESIDES the black (which is acrylic paint). The pink is once again Bio Seaweed Gel, Strawberry Kiss #117, and the other colors are polishes but since they're ontop of the pink gel, they're not their "normal color"... I'll still give you the names though :p The turquoise is Color Club Age of Aquarius, green is Pure Ice Wild Thing, & the coral on my thumb is Sally Hansen Mighty Mango.
Me thumb is soooooo cute!!! :D
And the index finger says "i rawr you" and the pink is suppose to be dinosaur tracks.. bahaha.
These were inspired by @pleasedtopleaseyou on Instagram. :)
Okay guys... I dino you very well... but I still rawr you! <3 ;) Thanks for joining me for day 4 of the ABC Nail Challenge! This is so much fun. ;) I give you dinosaur nails!
Your Polish Pal,