Wednesday, July 10, 2013

I'm Bringing Sexy Back!

Ay! I'm bringing sexy back.. Yeah! Them other girls don't know what nails to make.. ay! You should all be singing that to Justin Timerberlake's song "Sexy Back". ;) So what exactly am I bringing back? Well.. Caviar nails of course! I know that this was a huge fad back in 2012 so it's finally time for me to take a try at it. I haven't really seen micro bead nails for a while so this is me being finally jumping on the bandwagon (the bandwagon that's been out of order for like months hahaha!)

 I would never wear these micro beads out in public! They're just way too wacky. XD But they're pretty legit. ;)
Oh, and another reason why I wouldn't wear them in public is probably because they wouldn't last.. They stayed on my nail for a few hours but then when I washed my hands, they started to fall off. :O 
Here is a picture of the beads that I used though! 
And this is the glue that I used to get them to stick to my nail. You can buy this at -- it's technically foil glue but worked great to get these pesky micro beads to stick to my nails! It works a lot better than just regular polish. :p 
I actually got these beads from Emily (IG@BlueEmster) a while ago! I finally used them for the first time. ;) So before everyone goes crazy and asks how the heck I got these to stick and where you can get the beads, I'll just tell you. xD First, to get the beads on your nail, I just put on that foil glue on my naked nail (no polish or nothing) and then stuck my nail in the bag and let the little beads attach themselves. I wouldn't recommend a topcoat for this type of mani! The beads are going to bleed and it's just a messy ending... You can buy these beads at almost any craft store/crafting aisle or even at places like the dollar store. I don' know how much they cost because they were a gift from Em. :p
And one last photo of my Caviar nails! I know that this trend is so out but hey! I'm proud to say that I at least did it once! And especially proud to say that it's no longer a trend bahaha.. I'm trying to bring sexy back. ;) No need to laugh at me guys. xD Oh and to take this mani off you honestly just stand over a garbage can and pick it off. It's so easy. :p They should fall right off hahaha!
Your Polish Pal,

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