Thursday, July 25, 2013

G is for Giraffe

Hey everyone! Sorry for taking a while to do G. I've felt so uninspired lately and I have to admit that this week has been a bad week. Hopefully it's going to get better though because tomorrow I'm going to be preparing to help with a family friends' wedding! HURRAY! :D The couple has been going out for a LONG time (10 years long ;)) so it's high time for them to get married! I'm so excited. :) So for today's ABC Challenge, I am bringing you G is for Giraffe! If you're interested in seeing a before and after shot of my giraffes in December vs. now, keep reading. ;) I've grown a lot in 6 months!

 So here is the before and after shot as I promised! I find his extremely shocking. >.< And quite embarrassing! It's proof though that if you really keep practicing, you're going to get better at ANYTHING. :) Yeah, you can find my first giraffe print mani post here. :p
Wow. Everything has gotten better lol... 
Welp. Here's a much better shot of my current nails haha! I got a lot of suggestions again for G. :) I'm going to have to do galaxy, gnomes, gumdrops, gummy bears, Google, and grape nails soon! (I WILL do a fruit mani as soon as this challenge is over. I promise! :))
There colors are used were Unicorn by Sinful Colors as the yellow and the brown and black is acrylic paint. The pink is Strawberry Kiss by Bio Seaweed Gel -- I've been wearing it for a week now. xD
Sorry about the giraffes little neck. xD I wanted it to have a huge head and the neck looked cute skinny. ;) I am getting so much better at animal nails guys!! :D Too bad I literally have to take this off now because I have to do some nails that are going to match my outfit for Saturday. ;) <3

Edit (August 8, 2014): Here is a little giraffe print nail art tutorial that I made for you all! :D
G is for Giraffe Nails. (Plus the giraffe print. xD)

Your Polish Pal,


  1. I think your giraffe with the skinny neck is absolutely adorable!! ;)

    1. Bahaha thank you! xD My sister was like "Umm.. you call THAT a neck?" Why yes. Yes it is a neck. ;) I'm glad someone likes it hehe.