Monday, July 1, 2013

Monarch Wing Nails

And I'm back! Just kidding... I'm not done yet. >.< But I finally got back from an AMAZING camp where I met some fantastic people. ;) I'm so sorry that I had to skip out on Sunday Swatch last week. :/ I only had 1 full day to stay home and relax until I left for Minnesota. (And by relax I truly do mean repacking and doing laundry...) Oh well, I happened to do a quick mani since I had those neon tribal nails on for TWO WEEKS. So here is a quickie post real fast of the nails that I decided to do for fun before I left for Minnesota. ;) (And note: I did my nails 2 more times after this because  won't be home for yet ANOTHER week). But hey! Butterfly wing nails! :D (Plus a mini tutorial).

I used 3 coats of Sunkissed by Sally Hansen for my base and the black and white is acrylic paint. My Sunday Swatch was supposed to be of this orange but I was just way too busy. :p Sorry guys...
And OMG! Look at how long my nails grew in a week! Ahhhhhhhh! And this is even with a slight chip thanks to rock climbing.. hehe. Thank goodness you can't tell which finger chipped. XD
I love these classic monarch wing nails!
And here is my promised butterfly nail tutorial :) I don't have time to write out all the steps but if you still need help after looking at this pictorial, take a look at my SUPER OLD butterfly wing tutorial here. ;)
Okay, time for bed! Zzz.. I'm so tired.. I'll try to post later this week! <3
Your Polish Pal,

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