Tuesday, July 16, 2013

B is for Bunny

 For today's ABC Nail Challenge, I have some adorable bunny nails! :D I didn't get to do many Easter nails this year because I was busy but we can say this is an example of an Easter mani. (Keep in mind though that I have a different opinion of what Easter is all about! It's not about rabbits, eggs, or chocolate for me. It's John 3:16). But anyway, bunny nails are adorable in any occasion. :) Keep reading for my bunny tutorial!

 The only polish I used for this mani is Mint Chip by LUXE Coat. I'm so sad to say that Mint Chip is the EXACT same color as Re-Freshmint by Wet n' Wild. :p I'm good at not having dupes but Mint Chip was sent to me so no worries... xD I'll take free polish. ;) The rest is acrylic paint because I'm lazy and hate waiting for nail polish to dry.
So here is a quick shot of Mint Chip by LUXE Coat. I used 3 coats and no topcoat.
And here is another shot of my bunnies! Let's learn how to make our own bunny nails. ;)
Bunny (Rabbit) Nail Art Tutorial
1. Paint your base any color. I love any pastel shade for the background of my bunny!
2. Paint a large white mound at the tip of your nail. This will be the face.
3. Go ahead and add 2 skinny hills on top the big mound. Here are the ears ;)
4. Add 2 black dots for your bunny's eyes.
5. Give them a pink wittle nose now.
6.  Optional: You can give them a smile OR whiskers if you want! I chose just a smile this time around.
7. Optional: And finally finish by filling in some pink to your bunny's ears. :) Seal with a topcoat and those bunny nails are finished. ;)
See how easy they are?! I ended up just doing peeking bunnies the rest of the time. So no whiskers or smiles but they're still adorable. ;) Please excuse my random Otter Pop by the way... I liked how it looked baha! Let's see what I can pull out for day 3. ;)
Your Polish Pal,

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