Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Neon Tribal Nails (+ Tutorial)

It is time for a little recreation time. ;) I pretty much did this exact design 2 years ago as a #bestietwinnails mani with the famous Miss Hannah from The Nail Trail. It was such a pretty design and I hate how it looked from when I did it back in 2013. If you must look at my original tribal nail art, click here. I am very proud of how much I have improved. :) Keep reading for more photos and my tribal nail art tutorial!

I am sorry that my hand look so dark! Neons tend to make you look supa tan... xD I'm just lucky that my camera could accurately capture how bright these neon polishes look!!!

Here is the neon tribal nail art tutorial:

I just started with a gradient base and then used black acrylic paint to draw on all the lines with a paint brush that I bought from the Born Pretty Store (10% off discount code: JZX31

I know this can be incredibly hard to freehand -- you just need to take a look at my first attempt to see that it takes practice. But I just LOVE the results so it makes all the work worth it. :D

The beautiful neon polishes I used for this manicure were:
Nina Ultra Pro Fuchsia Rage (hot pink)
Nina Ultra Pro Orange Flame (neon orange)
Nina Ultra Pro Solar Flare (neon yellow)
+ white polish as a base and black acrylic paint

I wore these bright babies all weekend and was SO SAD to take them off. Would you be sad if you had to take remove them too? Yes. Yes, you would. xD 

Your Polish Pal,


  1. How fun! The step by step tutorial was very helpful to see.

  2. Love the pattern you've painted and the colors are fantastic together.