Sunday, June 28, 2015

Patriotic Nails Using Xroma Nail Vinyls

 Hello my friends! It is getting super close to the 4th of July so I say it's time for me to show off some patriotic nails. :) I decided to be lazy for this 4th of July themed mani and use some lovely Xroma Nail Vinyls again because they're just so quick and easy to use. Keep reading for more photos! 

4th of July Nails by Polish Pals
The stars are absolutely my favorite part of this 4th of July mani! The Xroma Star Vinyls were a little tricky to use though. 

This is what the Xroma Star Vinyls looked like: 

On the left we have what most of the vinyls looked like when you pulled them off the paper to use them. I thought that maybe just one was like this -- all the stars except the largest one wouldn't come out of the vinyl. That part was a little difficult to work with. On the right I have the vinyl how it's supposed to look; I had to punch out the stars with a pair of tiny scissors I had. 

Xroma Star Nail Vinyls

Another thing with the star vinyls is that there are only 4 stars there if you happen to punch out all the tiny ones. I wanted more than just 4 stars on my nail though! And I know that some people have much smaller nail beds and can't fit the entire vinyl on anyway. To deal with this issue, I just cut out the stars individually like I have above so that I could use them as multiple stencils instead of just one. Yes, it's tedious work but I'm one of those people that would rather do all the work and have a perfect outcome than just go with the flow. You catch me? ;) xD

4th of July Nails by Polish Pals

And after all that hard work, you can have nails like these! <3 I LOVE MY WHITE AND BLUE STAR NAILS OH SO MUCH. :D

4th of July Nails by Polish Pals

Even though the stars were a bit tricky to play with, the Wave Vinyls were absolutely perfect and had no issues. :) 

4th of July Nails by Polish Pals

The polishes I used were:
Nina Ultra Pro Cherri Berri (red)
Pure Ice French Kiss (blue)
 Laquerlicious Fireworks & Freedom (patriotic glitter)
Seche Porcelain II (white)

4th of July Nails by Polish Pals

I really loved how this 4th of July nails turned out thanks to Xroma's Nail Vinyls -- from my personal experience, I don't think that I would use the star vinyls that often. By the time I was done punching out the little stars carefully, cutting them into stencils, and painting them onto my nails with polish, I would have easily freehanded some star nail art. That's just me though as a nail artist who feels more comfortable with a brush in hand! The waves though? Totally would buy over and over again. Good thing is, they're only $3.93 for 100 waves. Xroma Vinyls are the cheapest nail vinyls for everything (chevron vinyls, straight vinyls, etc.) that I have seen in the last year. Trust me -- I have done my research. Most vinyl makers want $5 for chevron vinyls for instance, but once again, Xroma Vinyls by Tracy only want $3.93 for 200. :) Point is, buy nail vinyls from Xroma! They're the best. <3

Your Polish Pal,


  1. Such awesome patriotic nails you created! :)

  2. Great manicure, looks nice and patriotic! Great idea with the vinyls!