Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day! (& large heart tutorial)

<3 Happy Valentine's Day Ladies! :D
I just want to show you guys my simple Valentine's Day nails that I settled for! ;) (I mean I've done at least 5 different type. xD ;)) Hehe, here are mine for today! Just a simple "LOVE" with a heart replacing the "O". Tee-hehe! Aren't I clever? ;) <3
Well, if you'd like to learn how to make your own heart nails with NO TOOLS (besides the brush already in your nail polish bottle), then continue reading!

Let's learn how to make some big hearts on our nails! (Like the one on my middle finger -- If you want to learn how to make some small hearts on your nails, check out THIS link out!) To make these pretty hearts, all you need for the basics are 2 nail polishes, one for your base and one for your heart color! It's optional to outline the heart in black and add a little white curve and dot -- I just used it to give my heart a cartoon look but I think the basic heart looks fabulous! Take a look below for the tutorial on how to make a heart now. :)
1. Start of with your base. I used French White Creme by Wet n Wild.
2. Now, this is where you begin your "free-hand" heart. You ONLY need the brush that comes in your nail polish bottle. :) Try to have a minimum amount of polish on the brush (like you're going to paint your nails and don't want too much to spill!) and make one stroke going at an angle. Please refer to the photo for a better idea of what I mean.
3. Repeat step 2 but make a 2nd stroke in the opposite direction of your first! (Once again, refer to picture).
4. Now that it looks like you have the curves for your heart, continue making those slanted strokes in order to make a "V" at the bottom. It's hard to explain but you all know what a heart should look like! Just finish painting until you get that destined heart shape! This may take some practice. :) I suggest trying this design out on paper first! Just practice drawing the heart; stroke to the left, stroke to the right, and keep going until you make that "V". My pink by the way is Creme Pink by Sinful Colors.
*** If you like your heart just the way it is, then LEAVE IT! :D <3 Just a regular heart is adorable! But if you want to make it look "cartoon-ish" and pop out, continue on. It takes a bit more work and you may need tools like a nail art brush and paint, but it's definitely worth it!***
5. Now trace your heart with black. I always use my nifty striping brush with black acrylic paint.
6. Finally, add a little ")" shape and a dot with white on your heart to make a faux shine. :)
Boom! Wasn't that pretty easy? ;) I think so! I just made this heart with the brush in the Creme Pink nail polish bottle! Like I said, you may want to practice first on some scrap paper before doing so on your nail, but isn't this super cute for Valentine's Day OR any other time of the year when you just want some cutesie hearts? XD Now let's go onto the picture spam!
LOVE nails <3
On my thumb -- I <3 YOU :) (I used the mini heart tutorial and then just traced this heart and added the faux shine for this one on my thumb ;))
Weird glance at all my nails. xD
And finally one last look of my Valentine's Day nails while holding the bottle Creme Pink by Sinful Colors. :) 
*Added June 6th, 2013* Sorry guys! I just found this picture and never added it! I think it's just way too cute to delete. ;)
I hope you enjoyed learning how to make these easy, larger hearts in my nail art tutorial and had a fantastic day with your loved ones this Valentine's Day! <3 I think this will conclude my Vday nails for a while hehe.. I'm sick of using so much pink and hearts... LOL! Out of them all, which ones where your favorites? ;) The envelope with floating hearts, the "heartbeat", the arrow in the skies, or perhaps this LOVE? Either way, I had a great time doing these Valentine's Day manicures for 2013 and can't wait (actually I can... ;)) for next year. xD Love Your Polish Pal, Jenna <3


  1. Your posts are great! I feel like such an amateur when I see nails this good. Pretty much all I can do is polka dots haha.

    1. Aww, thank you! :) Lol, I am still very much so a beginner xD I could direct you to A LOT of ladies that have so much more detailed skill. I'm just like eh.. simple nail art. ;) Haha, I just really got into nail art this summer so look back 6 months ago and I couldn't even do polka dots..... :O But anyway, thank you! Hehe, keep practicing nail art though if you're really into it and you'll definitely get better hehe. ;) <3

  2. Replies
    1. Thank you! :) I really liked my thumb haha xD