Sunday, February 3, 2013

Cloud Mani - Valentine's Day Style!

Oh boy, get ready for this. MORE pink nails haha! I feel so bad.. everyone on Instagram is asking me to do a lot of Valentine's Day tutorials and I'm just like uhhhh.. Just do designs in pinks, reds, whites, etc. Alas, I'm not very good at doing all super cute ideas on the spur of the moment lol. I just do them and hope to get lucky and have something cute. Well.. my idea of happy love birds didn't exactly work so a cloud manicure will have to do! Haha, I think that any nail art in these "festive" colors can make an adorable Valentine's Day Mani so take a look below at my choice of colors for mine. :) There is a mini tutorial if you'd like to learn how to make your own below, so go ahead and press read on if interested!

<3 So simple. xD Haha! That's my kinda nail art. ;)

Okay! Mini tutorial! 1. Start off with a base coat of ANY color. 2. Draw 3-4 little hills. It's honestly just ONE stroke of your nail polish brush. I start from the highest, then medium, and finally smallest bump. You can see I chose a darker pink. 3. And finally repeat as many times as your heart desires. I just did a 3 color cloud mani but I've seen others with up to 5 colors or glitter on the last "cloud". Check out my OLD, OLD Cloud Manicure Tutorial from when I first began blogging for a better description. This is just a basic how-to haha. This is so simple to do (no tools needed! Just your nail polish brush that already comes in the bottle haha!) and you can do it ANY color. :)
For my base, I used Bubble Bath by OPI, the middle pink is Cream Pink by Sinful Colors, and the white is yes... French Creme White by Wet n Wild haha. Added some Polished by KPT spectrflair topcoat too just for a little sparkle. ;)
Hehe did you notice my white background for the tutorial? First time I've used white in a LONG time lol. What are your thoughts now that I've used black for so long? ;)
Anyway, thanks for joining me today for an easy yet pretty cloud manicure! Remember -- Your Vday mani doesn't have to be all heart-y and love-y dove-y, haha. Just pink or red nails are super classy and of course don't forget the glitter. ;) Well, until next time, Your Polish Pal, Jenna :) <3

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