Sunday, February 10, 2013

Catch My Heart

Four more days until Valentine's Day! :D I don't know how many more hearty manicures I can do haha.. But this one is super cute and definitely one of my favorites! I was inspired by the amazing Dee2102 on YouTube. :) In particular, I recreated her Valentine's Day Nails  which she has a tutorial for on her channel if you click HERE. :) I couldn't make the bow and arrow but I think the nails still turned out pretty cute. :) Take a look below for a cute Valentine's nail art idea and check out Dee2102 for the tutorial on how to. :)
Read more for some more picture spam! :)

Here is a picture of my base polish! It's actually my first Orly nail polish in fact. ;) This is Snowcone and it's a wonderful periwinkle kind of blue that applied flawlessly in 2 coats. It covered in 1 coat, but I just used 2 just because. ;) I can't believe Orly is changing their bottle and so Sally's Beauty Supply was having a deal this weekend if you bought $3 of ANYTHING, you'd get a free bottle of Orly. ;) So this is what I got! Isn't it pretty? ;)
So here is my base coat again and I'll show you just how I made the manicure above (not really step by step tutorial, more just of "how I did it"). ;)
Then I added a heart with an arrow shooting through it. :) The heart is Dutch Tulips by OPI and the black is acrylic paint.
Then I added some "connecting bumble bee" lines and a XOXO on my thumb. :)
And finally drew on some random clouds with acrylic paint!
Isn't this mani just super adorable for Valentine's Day? Thanks again Dee2102 for inspiring me!
And finally one last photo! :D It's really quite easy to create yourself.
Anyway, hopefully I'll be able to create at least one more manicure but if not, wishing you all a great Valentine's Day :D <3 I love you all. ;) Love Your Polish Pal, Jenna

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