Saturday, March 16, 2013

Swatch Fest!

Woah... Hey guys! I'm still alive! :D I have been so busy the last month so I'm proud to say that my hardest finals are done and life has begun to settle down again. ;) So, let's have a awesome swatch fest to celebrate! I'd love to highlight 3 Sinful Color polishes today and this was my first time trying to be a "swatcher", so please bear with me. xD Thanks guys!
Quick story on how I obtained these 3 polishes first. ;) They originally were my sister's because she got them as birthday present from an aunt. Well, she isn't into nail polish as much as me... (I know.. it's shocking that we're even related. :O Just kiddin', I absolutely adore my sister!) Well, because I only had 2 Sinful Color polishes at the time and I REALLY wanted the ones she had because she wasn't going to use them anyway. ;) So? I bought them. For how much? A half used pack of tic-tacs. The tic-tacs were the orange flavored.. yum.. but nail polish just meant more to me. ;) Thank goodness she took the bait! Thanks Zoe! <3 Anyway! Let's continue on to the swatches! :D (I'm so proud of these poses hehehe. ;))
Here is Cream Pink by Sinful Colors. I adore this pink! I used 3 coats and topped it with my favorite clear coat, Seche Vite, because it dried matte. (Read more for more pictures of 3 other polishes!)

Cream Pink is a dark rose shade of pink with a very subtle gold shimmer. <3
And I also decided to do some black and white stripes just for fun. ;) (It's so hard for me to just swatch a color without trying to do nail art!)
I love this background... I was putting away towels in the cabinet and decided I needed just one more shot of these nails haha! I love Cream Pink by Sinful Colors. :)
Next I have Happy Ending by Sinful Colors! Once again, 3 coats and topped with Seche Vite.
Happy Ending also has the subtle gold shimmer like Cream Pink.
This really is the perfect green nail polish for St. Patrick's day!
And one last look at Happy Endings by Sinful Colors!
Finally, the last Sinful Color polish! This is 3 coats Let's Talk topped with Seche Vite. I am IN LOVE.
Honestly, isn't this one of the prettiest purples EVER?! There is some slight pink shimmer (haha no.. no gold this time!) and it's officially one of my new favorite purple polishes. :)
I admit... I took so many photos of polish. ;)
My FAVORITE shot -- Let's Talk by Sinful Colors.
And I decided to top Let's Talk by Sinful Colors with 2 coats of Chiari Awareness by U-Neek Polish. (You can purchase U-Neek Polishes HERE. :))
Chiari Awareness is a beautiful purple polish chalked with small holographic glitter and some dark purple bar glitter. :) It actually can be worn by itself (takes about 3 coats) but it obviously also makes a gorgeous topper!
And to conclude today's Swatch Fest, I'm going to leave you with You're Such a Budapest by OPI! Wow. Only 2 coats and this is definitely another favorite purple. ;)
Thanks guys for taking a look at just some random swatches I pulled together! They were all "Untried Polishes" so I decided it'd be smart to actually try them all at the same time just to get them over with. ;) I am actually quite pleased with all of them! I don't know if I'll be wearing Happy Ending by Sinful Colors (green) that much.. but Cream Pink and You're Such a Budapest are perfect for any occasion. ;)
This concludes my first "Swatch Fest" and I hope you enjoyed it. xD Let me know if you have any tips or concerns about my hand poses or what haha. I don't think I'm made for swatching like other bloggers, but hey! It was fun. ;) Until Next Time, Your Polish Pal, Jenna :)

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