Sunday, March 24, 2013

Flower Power!

Ahem... before we even begin... I HAVE HAD THESE NAILS ON FOR FIVE DAYS!!! Yeah, 5 whole days. I swear... this is a record for me. I haven't kept any nail polish or art on for more than 3 days generally. But anyho, I just got so busy this week that I couldn't take these nails off. Wait. You ask what do they look like? Bahahahaha. Look below. ;)
Dawwwwwww! Aren't these flower nails so pretty?!?! Okay. Maybe since I did them, that's the only reason why I think they are. :/ I don't know, I really, REALLY loved them though!
Keep on reading for just a couple more pictures. :)
So this photo above is after wearing them for 4 days so there is a little bit of wear and tear but pretty good for being on for 4 days. ;) The colors I used were Re-Freshmint by China Glaze for the base. I love this light blue! It's one of my favorite polishes. The silvery polish is Dura Pearl by Sally Hansen. Then the black, white, and green colors are actually just acrylic paints that I used to draw on top. You'd be surprised by how easy these nails were actually. :) I will definitely have to make a tutorial for them later. ;) My colors I used this time weren't good enough for a tutorial this time (just not obvious enough), sorry about that!
Close-up of the thumb. ;) Honestly though, to make the flower you just draw a blob shape out of nail polish and then draw black squiggles! It's very simple! I was inspired to do these by @immortalcyn and @gutsandgrace on Instagram! They had some gorgeous floral manis and I just HAD to try my own. :)
And last, but not least is a quick swatch of Re-Freshmint by China Glaze. Isn't it beautiful? :)
Sorry for the lack of pictures! I have a TON more but because they were all take at different times of the day (or different days really haha..), they weren't similar enough. Oh well... Do you guys notice my new curved watermark? ;) Do you love it as much as I do?!?! Haha I'm still playing around with it, but I want to give a BIG thanks to the lovely ladies at for the help! Do check them out ASAP to learn how to make these curved watermarks AND many more hints/tips to nail polish, blogging, etc. Anyway, I'm on spring break now so I should go eat some more cookies while I can... ;) Until next time, Your Polish Pal, Jenna :)

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