Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Nail Foil Tutorial

And woooh! Here is that nail foil tutorial I promised you all a while back! Check here for my entire mani and more details on where and how much nail foil is. This is just going to be the tutorial on how to apply it because I've gotten endless questions on this "nail foil technique"! So keep reading if you're interested and let's get started!

 How to you wear nail foils? {Tutorial}
Start off with your supplies! You're going to need obviously nail foil and special nail glue. You can buy some here from KKCenterHK.com. You can use the code "justforpolishpals" for 12% off your entire purchase! {Coupon vaid until July 1, 2013}. You'll also need scissors to cut some nail foil for your nail.
Start off with naked nails. I don't use colored polish underneath, but I did use a clear coat just to make the foil go on smoothly.
Get ready to cut up some foil!
I like a size this big for one nail.. You don't have to shape the foil PERFECTLY to fit your nail. Honestly, just made a little square like I did! This is only good for ONE nail though.
Pull out that special nail glue now! (This glue is the glue that COMES with the foil).
Apply a coat of glue onto your nail and wait for it to dry clear.
Dry baby, dry!
All dry! :D Time to apply the foil.
Set the piece of nail foil that you cut onto your nail like so. Be careful where you place it though. You can't move it after it touches the adhesive! Oh! And shiny side UP guys!
Now rub that foil with your thumb! This will take a lot of practice to not get a ton of wrinkles on but hey, the look is worth it in the end. :) (This is my 3rd time trying by the way hahaha. It really does take practice!!)
After rubbing the nail foil into the dried glue, pull the foil gently off your nail and TAAA DAAA! LOOK AT THIS BEAUTY! :D Repeat to all nails if desired. :) (NOTE: You should really read THIS article on my review of nail foils by the way! It has some of the pros and cons of pretty mirror nails.)
A shot of my entire manicure. :)
Once again guys, remember to use the code "justforpolishpals" when you buy from KKCenterHK.com :) The have awesome nail foils in many patterns along with other awesome nail art supplies! Thanks for checking out this tutorial.
And a shot sum up just for fun. ;)
Your Polish Pal,

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