Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Silver Glitter Review {From KKcenterHK}

Hey guys! I hoped you liked my Glitter Placement Tutorial from yesterday. :) I briefly showed off my fabulous new silver glitters that I received from and I'd like to flaunt them even more. So keep reading for my review on these silver circle glitters which you can buy for yourself HERE!

So first, here are just few shots of my nails without the glitter!
My base is 3 coats of Pacific Blue by Sally Hansen topped with Seche Vite. :)
This blue is magnificent! It's for sure one of the best. <3
And don't be hating my new favorite "hand pose". ;) It makes my nails look longer hehe! Well, I did a "Sideways French Tip" with Smoke & Ashes by China Glaze. I love the way this looks. :D
But BOOM. Look at how these glitters make this mani stand out so much.
They're like little mirrors! :D
And here is a bottle shot of the glitters -- As you can see, there are a TON in there! No worries about running out.
So let's finally get to the review since you've seen how awesome they are and why these are a MUST HAVE.
These particular glitters are NNAIL-HS1-2-5mm and can be found at this link for only $8 plus shipping:
The glitter is 2.5mm big and you will receive 10g of them in a little plastic jar. I really liked how you get a TON of them and how they are already in a reusable jar where you just screw the lid back on to take it off rather than in a bag or something. I did notice that they are a tad thicker than other loose glitter I've used but they still stayed on my nail well. I had this mani on for 3 days and none of the glitters came off. And yes! I did shower, wash the dishes, wash my hands, etc. (Follow my tutorial on how to apply them HERE). The shipping from KKCenterHK was also very speedy, considering they shipped from Hong Kong -- My package only took 11 days to get to the USA (specifically the West side ;)). These glitters are a little big so tiny fingernails may have a hard time wearing these particular glitters but has A LOT of super cool nail art tools and accessories! So it'd be worth checking them out. ;)
Hehe, one last shot of me wearing HS1-2-5mm. <3 I do wish they were slightly smaller but if you have long nails (I guess mine are "long"), then you shouldn't have a problem with wearing them! Plus $8 for at least a couple hundred glitters? I'll be using these for accents on other designs for sure. Thanks KKcenterHK for providing the product*! :)
Your Polish Pal,
*I was provided the product(s) to review. I was not paid to give this review. This is my honest opinion based on my personal experience with the product(s).

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