Sunday, May 26, 2013

Panda Bear Nails

 Oh my goodness! This past week has been oober busy. And it's not all done until NEXT weekend. Oh sheesh.. but hey! Happy Memorial Day weekend guys! :) I hope you all were able to (or are) hang out with your family and eat yummy food! I probably consumed 20,000 calories in the past 3 days. No joke. I went to one of my international friend's party Friday and stuffed myself with amazing Korean dishes. They were so yummy! Then on Saturday, I basically went to 2 other hangouts/parties. For lunch (I sound like such a fatty.. "Oh for lunch I partied and for dinner, I partied too," bahaha), that was a family get together where I gorged on my Aunt's famous potato salad and instead of hamburgers and hotdogs, we were weird and had delicious fresh fish. Pshh, don't for a second think that there were no hamburgers. There were a ton of those too but I didn't touch those. XD Woah... This is a long story. Erm.. take a look at my panda bear nails and continue reading for a picture spam (plus my food story moohaha...) ;)

No biggy, I just free handed these. ;) Took only 20 minutes, no big deal. XD

Anyway! Continuing my food story, that was just lunch with a lot of my family. It's our annual BBQ party and such on memorial weekend. Well, the food of course didn't stop there. Time to move on to the close friend's party and crash it! JUST KIDDING. We really didn't know they were going to eat haha...
Look at this! I feel like the chubby panda on my ring finger!
So yeah, moved onto the next group of people only because we wanted to say hi! They were making dinner and by golly gee, they had the best taco bar thing EVER. Refried beans, lettuce, cheese, guacamole, onion, salsa, and of course 3 different types of meat!! The carne asada (beef) is my all time fav. I miss real Mexican food!
Oh hey, look! My thumb. :)
Yeah, so long story short, I ate a ton of food. I didn't even mention the dessert haha! Oops.. I also forgot to say what I drank. ;) Let's just say whenever my little sister and I ever threw away our cans of pop, it was surrounded by a ton of beer cans at our family friend's party. Bahaha.. I love get togethers!
Closeup of my thumb
And one last shot. Yeah, I am so extremely proud of these nails! I was inspired by the fabulous Jessica at Nailed Daily blog. :) I saw her panda bear nails on Instagram but stalked her blog for them but couldn't find them! So although I can't directly link you to her design (which way WAY better, trust me. I'm just a beginner with nail art!), you need to check her blog with all her amazing nails :) She has an EXTENSIVE archive! :D Oh! And by the way, the only nail polish I used was the light blue base which is Re-Freshmint by China Glaze. The rest is acrylic paint! (And although you see 2 shades of green, I had to mix some black into the green to make it darker. XD I only have like 6 bottles of paint haha.) Ohhh, ONE LAST THING; Yes, I did get new paint brushes. ;) You're probably thinking "WHEN DID JENNA GET DECENT?!?!" Yeah. A few days ago. ;)
Well, I hope you all will have a great Memorial Day Weekend! Be safe!
Your Polish Pal,
(P.S. I'm taking my SAT next Saturday >.<! AHHHHHH....!!!!!! So I'm really trying to study now! I don't think I'll be able to post until after then, but hey hey hey! Summer is in a few weeks so I am SO EXCITED. I have 4 major things due on June 1st. Gah. This year is the worst lol!)

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  1. those are amazing nails, i was so intriged when i saw it on google image they looked unreal!!!