Saturday, May 18, 2013

Nail Foil Review {From KKCenterHK}

I'm sure many of you have seen those mirror looking nails before, but do you actually know how to truly obtain them? ;) I need to burst your bubbles first -- You CANNOT get those mirror nails with nail polish alone! I don't care what other people say, you gotta trust your Polish Pal. Those mirror nails you see on Pinterest are either stickers, false nails, or (what I'm going to show you today), nail foils. I'm not trying to bash those awesome reflective nails at all! They are SUPER cool. :D But I just wanted to clear something up before we even got started! Sooooo, now that you're all prepared for what I'm about to show you...
I have some awesome-possum nail foils to review for you that KKCenterHK provided me with! :D Take a look below for how my nail foil manicure turned out and keep reading for my opinion on this product.
So first of all, what are these wonderful nail foils? Well, nail foils are VERY thin sheets of paper that you can apply on your nail with the help of special nail glue. :) Specifically, the foils that I am wearing are the Silver Diamond Hidden Nail Foil (NNAIL-E09) which you can find at this link:
 Here is the nail foil and it's container! It comes in a roll with 59in/150com long and 1.5in/4cm wide. If 59in doesn't sound long enough, don't worry, it should be quite enough! I only use about 2in of foil per hand. :) And here is the nail glue that KKCenterHK sent as well. The nail glue does have to be purchased separately (NNAIL-E09+JR1004-B) but if you buy nail glue once, you should be good for a while!
 Here is a better shot of my holograhpic silver nail foil (NNAIL-E09). Ain't it purty?! XD  
 My entire hand again!  
Bottle pose ;)
And thumb with the bottle!
My Thoughts:
I really loved the nail foils because they make your nails look fantastic super fast and the looks that the foils have are virtually impossible to get with just polish. Since the foils themselves are only $7.69 ($12 with glue but you should only need glue the first time), they are much cheaper than nail stickers because you get much more area which means more use. ;)
I admit though that the foils ONLY stay on for ONE day and that's if you don't touch water. >.< So if you're going to a pool party, you probably wouldn't want foil nails. Also, they're relatively easy to apply but applying them well is another factor. The foils are super thin so when you place them on you nail (after the glue dries), you have to smooth it out and it's really easy to get crinkles and you can't take those out. Honestly though, that part just takes some practice! (I had to try these 2x before I started taking pictures. ;)) The last con is you can't apply a topcoat. :( Don't try, it ruins the entire effect!
Overall, nail foils will be nail foils. I do think the good overrides the bad because you can get REAL metallic nails! :D Great for dances or nights out when you just want your nails to shine. Literally. Just be careful about that water! (So yes, do these nails AFTER you shower!) I do love the variety these foils come in too-- they come in many different colors and designs! You can check out more of KKCenterHK's nail foils HERE. :) Well, thanks for taking a look at my mirror nails. ;) I'll have a REAL tutorial on how to apply these in the next couple days. The quick explanation is to have your naked nails, apply the white nail glue, wait for it to dry clear, apply a little piece of foil (design side facing up), rub it with your other thumb, remove paper, and the design should be on your nail. :) Do check back in though for the complete tutorial later. ;)
Your Polish Pal,